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My mother says i should stop reading the Letters to the Editor.

This time it’s the Norwood Times--the real dinky local paper. Right at the top of page 2.

Thursday, June 27, 2002
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am puzzled as to the recent action of the Board of Selectmen which permitted the posting of a display on the town common reading “Norwood Celebrates Gay Pride”. Says who ?

Isn’t this the same board that gave residents a hard time over displaying the nativity scene, requiring that a disclaimer be attached to the sign, and allowing a billboard denigrating religion to be set up next to the creche ? Why the double standard ?

If the board wants to be tough with church groups, they should be as equally tough with the gay lobby !

Jim MacPherson

Oh, implications. There was a disclaimer sign on the Gay Pride display. I don’t remember the Christmas displays, but i doubt the disclaimer on the nativity scene was any larger, and i doubt there was “a billboard denigrating religion” though i’m sure it would have been allowed. (I’m going to ask people at work about this tomorrow, since i honestly don’t remember the display at all.)

Okay, i understand being upset at the implication that Norwood as a whole celebrates Gay Pride. (I was quite amused when i saw in the Bulletin some weeks ago an article saying Norwood came close to winning some No Hate award. I knew i should have made a copy of the article; now i’m going to have to look it up during my break tomorrow.) Perhaps it should have been worded a bit differently (though i don’t know how). The nativity scene implies almost as overtly, though, that Norwood celebrates Christmas. Sigh. Time to write another letter.

And yes, eventually i will put together a post about the “under God” controversy. I should probably do it soon because i’m sure there will be letters/articles in next week’s local papers which will rile me up, and i’ll need to send in a letter quickly before we leave on vacation.
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