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It's snowing...

Okay, so a few weekends ago i heard it snowed in the morning, but it had all melted by the time i got up. Shortly after my 1:00 class started today, it started snowing. So beautiful to look at out the window. Okay, so it's the wet kind that's nearly ice on the ground and i worry for those who drive (hell, i worry for pedestrians) but, i heart snow!

Kevin says the first snow is like a first kiss, but that leads to the second kiss, which is never as good as the first kiss, but that leads to the third kiss, which can be as good as the first.

P.S. More of it has stuck by now, so it's ever so much better to look at. I just love looking out my window at all the white. The parked cars covered in white... this is winter in New England, this is what i have grown up with, this is home.

[edit: a few hours later it had turned to rain *sighs* so it goes]
Tags: weather: snow: 2003-2004

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