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"...but then I start to think about the consequences..."

Now that ITS is really implementing the 100MB limit (as of Nov. 20) there's finally an option on the client to see how much space your mailbox is taking up. I've been going through old mail (and sent mail) these past few months, but i don't really have time to do a massive clearout before next Thursday, so it was a pleasure to see that i am far below the limit.

Isabel is evil. Talking about classes for next semester she mentioned that Bill Oram is teaching Shakespeare next semester. I hear really good things about him and feel like i should take a class with him before i graduate. However, i am already taking 4 literature classes next semester [and am absolutely not dropping any of them] as well as Intro Macro because as we all know, i am certifiably insane. (I should probably take Macro and be taking Micro both S/U, but i just don't do that sort of thing and i'm not sure it would relieve my stress any since i just want to graduate with a B or better average -- incidentally, i'm not sure i'm even going to be academically eligible to do a thesis which is interesting, though i get validated by professors who haven't had me in a class recommending me as someone "exemplary" to speak about my experiences with the department -- but i digress, a lot.) So i e-mailed him to ask him if he will be teaching it next year (when i had planned to take my Shakespeare). I am so far restraining myself from signing up for his class "just in case," but this is aided by the fact that the system won't let me register until 8am Thursday morning.

Okay, working on editorial now really. A while back i said i wouldn't be able to sleep until Thanksgiving. These past few days i have in fact slept quite a bit. I am reiterating my previous statement, however, as i become more and more aware of just how much work i have to do between now and then.

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