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Okay, so these are really too long for bullet points (and i'm probably leaving some stuff out), but

Okay, so after tonight's Angel episode i don't really feel like homework even though i really should, so i'm going to do the bullet-points-of-goodness i mentioned and then catch up on episode commentary.

  • economics class

    • We read "The Best Monopoly in America" from Chapter 4 of Robert Barro's Getting it Right. (I may not love the math, but i love economics thinking.)
    • talking about how college sports keep alums giving money: "You're watching the game, drunk, your team wins, you pick up the phone, bring out the credit card.... I don't speak from personal experience, of course. [Beat] I try to stay away from credit cards."
    • "In the Middle Ages, rich Europeans would buy lots of useless things like ornamental rugs. One of the things they bought was scholars. 'Look at what I have. Someone who just sits around and thinks all day.' 'Wow, you must have a lot of money to blow.' "
    • talking about how universities do what is called price discrimination, charging different people different prices for the same good: "Everyone who graduates from Smith gets the same education. Pretty much. If you get an economics degree, that's like the Cadillac of a Smith degree."

  • Accomplished lots at work and had time to finish my Sophian piece. I told Bill i had so much work to do, and he said "But you're smiling." I suggested that i was somewhat in denial, but the truth is that i really do feel like it's a doable mountain of work, though this may be delusional. And i am glad that while i am in many ways weary it has not so permeated my being that i'm not generally cheerful.
  • Have many outings in my future, some involving food.
  • valley_slash with bunches of people (and i think i can still match all the faces to [LJ] names, which is impressive). They're all really cool, so we should definitely keep meeting. We met at Haymarket, and i realized i keep forgetting how much it costs to actually buy food. I was in the mood for ice cream but got a hazelnut brownie and that was yum. Was interesting to be definitively the youngest one in a group. I realized that i enjoy being around people who aren't college students (even though i dearly love so many of my college student friends). Was interesting (in a not quite so heavily positive way) to be around people who are hardcore in other fandoms. It didn't really become an issue, but i always feel weird when people are talking about fandoms i'm not in, because it's just a different world. Had fun conversations about our parents and our slash and shared the stories of our LJ names and had lots of other fun convos. FoodPlay and the porn juggler... *dissolves into giggles* Definitely a good bunch.
  • My Daddy called me Hermione when referring to me in an LJ comment. *is far too delighted about this*
  • And of course, the big glee for this evening is tonight's Angel episode. I will now descend into fannishness and write copious amounts about the 3 prior episodes and then about this one. I am so bad.

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