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more thoughts after “Destiny” (5.08) [with a helping of "Home" (4.22) at the end]

other people have well-thought out writings on

My thought on Lindsey’s tats were that they were some sort of contract, branding, binding. However, shadowkat67 says:
Who is in the final scene in bed with EVE? Lindsey covered with runes. (Actually just learned they aren't runes at all, they are anti-magic symbols - seen in a manga someone read, and if you compare to actual runes and magic symbols - fit the magic symbols. So what they do is jam magic. Interesting.)Or is it Lindsey? (Woo-hoo! On the return of Christian Kane. I really missed him.)

Also, oyceter says, “Sirk was the guy Lilah picked as Wes' guide in Home.” Interesting. Checking out The Screening Room: Home of the AngelGuide i see “Michael Malsey...as Sirk.” This adds even more ambiguity (people are already getting headaches over how all this manipulating/double-crossing can work if the Senior Partners are supposed to be so smart and aware) since Sirk wasn’t someone L&E just plucked out of nowhere. Not that it’s not easy to dispose of W&H staff discretely, of course.
(As Preston leads Lorne away, Lilah beckons to Sirk and he steps forward, extending his hand to Wesley, very cultured and formal.)
LILAH: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Rutherford Sirk. I think you’ll find you two have a lot in common.
SIRK: Pleasure. Shall we?
(Wesley glances at Lilah, then nods and follows him)
(A pair of large, ornate doors open and Sirk enters, followed by Wesley.)
SIRK: Our ancient prophecies wing.
(An intimate, wood-paneled room containing leather upholstered chairs
surrounding a standing, antique globe. A polished wood table containing
about three dozen large leather-bound volumes dominates the center of the
WESLEY: Looks as if your wing’s been clipped.
SIRK: Appearances can be deceiving. It’s actually the most comprehensive collection of prophecy archives to be found anywhere.
(Wesley eyes him skeptically.)
SIRK: Choose something to read. Go on. Anything at all. Something rare.
WESLEY: All right. The Devandiré Sibylline Codex.
(Sirk walks over to the table and selects a book.)
SIRK: Translated or Sanskrit?
WESLEY: Surprise me.
SIRK: I’m sure I will. (to book) Devandiré Codex. Sanskrit.
He opens the book and hands it to Wesley. The pages are blank. As Wesley flips through it, wondering what he’s supposed to be seeing, the pages suddenly fill with ancient writing, the letters appearing out of nowhere.
(Wesley is impressed in spite of himself.)
The template you’re holding provides access to anything stored in the firm’s locked archives relating to prophesies, omens, revelations and so on.
WESLEY: Impressive. And does the Watcher’s Council know you stole the only known copy of the Codex when you left?
SIRK: There is no Council.
WESLEY: Not anymore, no. So you opted to what? Play for the otherside… cross the line?
SIRK: These are complicated times. Lines become blurry. How did you know?
WESLEY: Something about Watchers and…
(Wesley drops the book and punches Sirk in the head, dropping him)
WESLEY: …libraries.
(Wesley quickly moves beneath a compartment in the ceiling and extends his arm. A telescoping grappling hook snaps out of his sleeve and shoots upward. The hook latches on and a monofilament cable begins to retract, pulling him up toward the ceiling.)
[We next see Wes in Files&Records with Lilah and her contract, yadda yadda.]
Also, someone pointed out that we saw Angel call up the Shanshu prophecy at the end of “The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco” (5.06) from the template, so while a translation always loses something from the original, he wasn’t exactly reading a 12 year old’s book report (though of course there’s lots of room for the Senior Partners or others to control things at W&H, especially when it regards the AI gang getting knowledge).

Oh, and the security saying “Pandora’s Box is now closed” when they sealed off the firm? How cool was that? And how could i have forgotten to mention it in my post-ep commentary?

And i mentioned a while ago someone mentioning that “Home” explicitly stated Lilah would not be back. Finally got around to looking at a transcript today.
LILAH: I’m just a messenger. That’s all. They’ll be sending me straight back to hell once I’m finished here.
GUNN: Who’s they?
ANGEL: Wolfram & Hart. The contract she signed with them extends beyond her death.
LILAH: Standard perpetuity clause, I’m afraid. Always read the fine print.
ANGEL: What’s your game, Lilah?
LILAH: No game. In fact, game over. Guess what? You win. Which is why I’m here. I have been authorized to make you kids an offer.

Interestingly, a later scene goes like this:
GUNN: (to Lilah) You want to run that by us one more time?
LILAH: What was unclear?
FRED: I think the part where you offered us Wolfram & Hart.
LILAH: Just the L.A. branch.
LORNE: “Just the L.A. branch.” (to Lilah) Hi, from another dimension. What the hell does that mean?
LILAH: It means we give. You win. We’re moving out. The Senior Partners are ceding this territory to you and to prove it, they want to give you controlling interests in our L.A. office. You get the building, assets, personnel, letterhead, paperclips, all of it. It’s yours to do with as you see fit.

Just how thoroughly did W&H cede their territory? Are we mistaken in thinking they’ve been involved in any of this? Has it all be an elaborate ruse by Lindsey&Eve&co?

Also, reading the transcript, i’d forgotten that the "You can’t be saved by a lie" line people have tossed about so much around the “mindwipe” was actually spoken by Connor to Angel near the end of the episode.
ANGEL: Son, you have to listen to me. This is about Jasmine.
CONNOR: Jasmine’s gone.
ANGEL: I know. We all felt it, that perfect love… and then when we
had to give it up…
CONNOR: (rage) I didn’t feel anything! (quieter) I can’t feel anything. I guess I really am your son because I’m dead, too.
ANGEL: You’re not dead, Connor. You’re just starting your life.
CONNOR: No! You just weren’t there before.
ANGEL: I know. And I’m so—
CONNOR: Do not say you’re sorry! It doesn’t fix anything.
ANGEL: Then let me say this. I love you, son.
CONNOR: It’s a lie.
ANGEL: It’s not.
CONNOR: It’s always a lie. My dead mother couldn’t even love me.
ANGEL: You’re wrong. She did.
CONNOR: No. She knew she couldn’t.
ANGEL: She sacrificed herself because she loved you.
CONNOR: You tried to love me… at least I think you did.
ANGEL: I still do.
CONNOR: But not enough to hang on, dad. You let him take me away. You let him get me. You let him get me… (looks down) Cordy, you swore you loved me. Where are you now?
ANGEL: Connor, you have to believe that there are people who love you.
CONNOR: Jasmine believed you when you said you loved her but it was all a lie.
ANGEL: Jasmine was the lie.
CONNOR: No! She knew if you found out who she really was, that you’d turn against her. And she was right. That’s just what happened. People like you… (re: hostages) people like this. None of you deserved what she could give you. She wanted to give you everything.
ANGEL: I know how that feels because I want to give you everything. I want to take back the mistakes, help you start over.
CONNOR: You can’t start over.
ANGEL: We can. I mean, we can change things.
CONNOR: There’s only one thing that ever changes anything and that’s death. Everything else is just a lie. You can’t be saved by a lie… you can’t be saved at all.
Adds to the problematics of Angel’s decision.
ANGEL: I really do love you, Connor.
CONNOR: So what are you going to do about it?
(He raises the knife for a killing blow.)
ANGEL: Prove it.
(The knife descends.)
There’s a whole essay to be written on Angel making decisions for other people.

edit: mpoetess says:
Angel did not murder Connor, and he did do the best thing for him. He didn't do the best thing for his friends, but he did the only thing that could be done to save his son. The "Connor" personality was so fucked up, and so psychotic, that he would have been miserable and murderous for the rest of his life. Angel didn't kill his son; he reincarnated him, and gave him what he wanted most in the world.

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