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'tis the season

Damn, it’s that time of year when all the fandoms do secret gifty things. Must think about what i want. Secret Slasha reminds me just how many het pairings i like, which is always odd to remember. btvs_santa allows me to request any kind of fic, but it’s a multimedia thing so i need to come up with fannish requests that aren’t fic too, which is difficult -- icons? vids? fanart? Must think on this. And the deadline for both of these is Nov. 30, bugger. (I suppose my life is made easier by the fact that i only really circulate in one fandom.)

I almost never buy gifts for people, but i do like writing fic, so the season provides a way for me to be nice to my friends and also exercise some writing muscles. You’re limited to Jossverse, and i make no promises about quality, but i will do my best to fulfill all requests. No, you don’t have to be a close personal friend to make a request; heck, you don’t even have to be on my friendslist. Requests will be filled by order of how easy a time i have writing a piece, not by how much i like you. Requests can range from vague to specific.

You don’t have a deadline for requesting and i don’t have a deadline for complying, fair ‘nuff? :)

And those who don’t do Jossverse fanfic? Um, i don’t really know what i can give you. I’m getting better at LJ icon making. I can do OC [original character] ficlets if you have a certain idea you want me to write. And if you go to Smith i can bring back baked goods after the break. I’m open to suggestions for nice things i can do that don’t cost me money :)

P.S. Slashers? Go help the nice English major with her research.

[There is so much i would rather be doing than my HR paper. And i so know there isn’t enough time to do it all over the break. Today has been a good day, though, and tomorrow i see lilithchilde again and then i go home and the break should be lovely even though it won’t be anywhere near long enough - not that i need such a lengthy break from school, just that there’s so much i want to do (fic, icons, current events research including write-ups, etc.) that i don’t have time to.]

Oh, and i’m not doing the 10 unpopular fannish opinions meme because i would be qualifying and elaborating and explaining everything far too much and would end up writing about everything (all the ‘ships, the trajectory of all the characters, the way all the problems got resolved, etc.) plus i’m really only on the peripheries of fandom, so i can’t whine about common fic tropes because i don’t read enough to know. (And of course, my umbrella qualifier, as with everything, is that your opinions are popular in some circles, unpopular in some.)

Oh, and a bit more fannishness:

One more comment about “Destiny” (Angel 5.08). I thought putting Death Valley in Nevada sounded somehow off. (Have i mentioned i’m geographically challenged?)

Also, mz_bstone says (in an entry with spoilers for “Destiny”) of Spike:
But when his own monstrousness reared up and made his stop, fall back ... he tried to do the right thing.

He went out and got a soul.
I guess i’ve heard similar rationales for why Spike did what he did in the bathroom in “Seeing Red,” but something about the way she phrased it -- “his own monstrousness rearing up” -- makes it almost convincing to me.

Okay, i’m really going now.

See why i take forced hiatuses from posting when i have work to do? Though of course everything bottling up inside makes me jittery because of course i can’t take a hiatus from everything so i always have lots i wanna write about and take work breaks to work on LJ entries.

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