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Decided on a default LJ icon, for now. It’s this one that luckyth1rt3en made.

I read Joe’s LJ Friday night, and it reminded me that i love him, so i called him--though i did (mostly) trust him to actually call sometime that weekend as promised. Plus, his mom usurped his car for the weekend so he thought he might be going into RI with her on Saturday, and i definitely wanted to veto that in favor of hanging out with me. We chatted for a bit, and then he had to go out, so he said he’d call me on Saturday to let me know what he was doing.

Saturday i was online and read his latest LJ entry, so of course i had to IM him to comment on it. (I’m always tempted to just leave a comment, but instead i IM or call because we don’t converse enough.)

Joe: I tend to think that the human race is so easily distracted with sequins
Joe: this is my new theory
me: sequins, huh? interesting.
Joe: just have a satellite channel of people dancing and lip syncing in sequins
Joe: and you could slowly take over the world
me: You'll have to try it sometime, lemme know it works out. :-)
Joe: ok
Joe: wanna be second in command
Joe: you can make people act out buffy episodes for you
me: LOL
Joe: you could actually give the writers plot tips
me: You know exactly how to win me over to this evil overlord thing.
Joe: haha

Our conversation felt a lot like the conversations we had during the school, which is comfortable for me. The best part was when Joe said, “hey - how bout you come over today.” It occurred to me when i was telling my mother where i was going that afternoon that this was the first time that we had gotten together without me planning it all in advance. Friday night i had suggested us hanging out, but that was my sole contribution. Maybe there’s hope after all. (Though he looked stricken yesterday when i told him that when i get back from vacation i’m making him pin down a date for what weekend he’s gonna take me up to Durham.)

His mom had gotten her car fixed, so he could go to the show after all, so we could only hang out from 1-4, but that’s okay. Some time is better than none. He said if he had been totally car-less with no way of getting to the show he would have just gone with his mom to RI because even if we hung out, after i left he would be all by himself until about ten o’clock. I pointed out that there’s nothing saying i couldn’t have stayed all day. Maybe not ‘til ten o’clock, but until eight or something. He admitted that totally hadn’t occurred to him. Sigh.

Anyway, we had a nice afternoon. It was really nice to just hang out. No structure, no obligation, just hanging out. We ended up looking at photo albums and sitting out in his backyard and talking about college and the black hole that is Norwood. Just very laid-back and nice.

I’d purchased Fifty Acres and a Mule: A Story of Love, Livestock, and Finding Myself on a Farm (Jeanne Marie Laskas) at Rodney’s in Central Square, splurging with six dollars, because the last time that we hung out we’d talked about how the only thing we remembered from 8th grade U.S. History (we had the same teacher, different years) was “forty acres and a mule” -- the U.S. government wanted people to settle out west, so they would give you forty acres and a mule for free -- and this had to be a play on that phrase. That was from my Boston excursion last Saturday. Then the last time i was in Puddingstone i was walking out the door and i saw Wild About Muffins (Angela Clubb) facing out. I asked Diane if i could have it, and she said yes. Joe has this thing for muffins, it’s a long story, but suffice it to say that when i brought the books over on Saturday, Fifty Acres and a Mule amused him, but he was so all about Wild About Muffins.

There’s actually a whole series, including Wild About Potatoes (Marie Bianco). I looked it up on amazon (MLN doesn’t have it) and at the bottom of the page it says Search for books by subject: Cookery (Potatoes), which gives you 85 results. I was impressed. It’s all about the potatoes.

I stopped by Puddingstone on my way home, so that was another couple hours. Then my grandma and my brother’s friend came over for dinner. Then later that night i had nice long conversations with Beth and Sharon. Quite a social day.

Sharon said, “you've sounded tweaked the last couple of posts.” I like that turn of phrase. I’ve actually been generally good. I just hate not knowing where i stand (which is not unique to dealing with Joe).

We worked on making plans for my visit. I’m working the 29th, so i’ll be coming up the day of the concert (July 30th) and coming home Friday, August 2.

Boston to NYC is apparently only about 4 hours by either train or bus. Amtrak is $140 round trip, while Peter Pan / Greyhound is $79 (more like $66 with a student discount). I had thought it was 6 hours, and 6 hours on a bus would be a bit much, but 4 i can handle.

Sharon’s a bit nervous about this (and i probably should be, but i’m not ‘cause i’m just not like that) since we’ve never met in person, but she said “chances are, this will be great fun. and Laura [her sister] is excited about meeting you. and my mom said that any Buffy fan is welcome in her house.” Yeah, i’m feeling the family love. :)

Today’s been mostly boring.

My sleep schedule is totally bizarre. I couldn’t fall asleep until 1am and then woke up at 6:28. Sigh. Went to church -- representin’ the family ‘cause my mom slept in and my grandma doesn’t go in the summer. (We used to rotate with the other 2 Protestant churches nearby, which made sense because attendance drops during the summer with vacation and all, but a couple years ago United -- my church -- decided to hold regular services all summer. Long story involving poor communication and feelings of betrayal, but the point is that my grandma refuses to attend United during the summer.) Definitely kept dozing off during the sermon. Half an hour boring sermon in the heat. Thankfully i was sitting in the back and off to the side. Marilyn (who was sitting behind me) said later she thought i was gonna tip over a couple of times.

I came home via the Common because i wanted to check out the statue Joe was talking about. I don’t really notice stuff on the Common, but he really hates that statue. It was erected when he was in 3rd grade (so i was in 2nd), though it feels like it’s always been there. I looked today and it says “Protectors of the American Way.” Not quite as bad as “The American Dream” (which is what he had remembered it as saying), but it’s the same theme. It’s this tall grey pedestal with a metal soldier statue on each of the four sides, and on the pedestal is a metal statue of a man holding a baby and his arm around a woman. It also says “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” and stuff on the sides of the pedestal. We have various “in memory of those who served” type statues on the Common and elsewhere, and while i could certainly do without them i don’t really notice them too much. I understand where Joe’s coming from. Heterosexual family, with the man as the protector. “Protectors of the American Way” implies that “the American Way” is this heterosexual patriarchal ideal that we fight to support. I’m fairly certain all the soldiers are male, so it’s also sexist. And they all look fairly generically Caucasian, so you can get racism in there too. I just can’t get properly riled up about it. I think it’s silly to have a statue immortalizing “the American Way” because “the American Way” is ideals of democracy and free market and such, you can’t make a statue of such things, and America is so diverse that it’s absurd to try to accommodate all the differences in a statue. But i just don’t find the statue all oppressive and perpetuating the patriarchy and such. Not that i don’t think it would be so cool if Joe chalked “The American Myth” in front of it and put posters of lots of different families all over the statue, and not that i couldn’t totally do without all the statues in general (one monument on the Common and one in the cemetery, commemorating “all those who served” would more than suffice for me; i don’t need one for every single war).

Buffy tonight! “Band Candy” @ 6 and “Where The Wild Things Are” [which contains one of my favorite scenes/dialogues ever] @ midnight. “New Moon Rising” (next week’s midnight ep, which i may tape since we’ll be away) was my unofficial theme for the last Terry post. It just seemed to fit, in my head anyway. I was gonna include these two quotes, but i didn’t ‘cause they didn’t quite seem to fit.

“Whoa, hey, how did we get to bigot? I'm just saying it's a little weird to date someone who tries to eat you once a month.”

“It's complicated... because of Tara.” [which should not be construed as implying that i’m currently involved with, or even interested in, any particular female at the moment ’cause i’m not]

Okay, i’m stopping now. Damn that was long.
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