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This is a pointless post.

I always forget how much this keyboard annoys me. I miss having all my bookmarks and the pictures i have saved to make icons out of and all that, but what annoys me most about being on the family computer is the keyboard.

I've slept 12 hours a day all 3 days i've been home so far. Have done almost nothing productive except write fanfic, which makes me feel a bit like poo. I'm actually getting tired of writing pr0n. Of course, straight up PWP is so much easier to write than actual plot, so it's a no-win. I also suck at finishing things, which frustrates me. I think i have too many WIPs to count on 2 hands.

Hadn't left the house until this afternoon. Enjoyed talking with library peoples. Was reminded of just how much i have to be thankful for. We never realize how good we have it until we hear other people having it bad. I am so so grateful for my health. I rarely remember to be grateful for that. I am of course also grateful for my wonderful family and friends and education and financial situation and so much more, but i tend to remember to be grateful for those more often.

Michele's funny. First she's all "You sure you want to work on your vacation? Don't you want a break from having to be places at 9 in the morning?" Then i tell her i'll only be in Norwood for 2 weeks and she's all "Why only 2 weeks? Don't you wanna work for me?" I can't win ;)

Saw Mrs. Leary and some of her family when i was coming home. Then Jenn picked me up and we chatted for ages. Linda stopped by on the way to pick up her roommate from Providence to have a brief "Hello?" moment as she running late (some things never change ;) ). I hear next semester Maggie's going to Paris and Zubes to London. I should call people and hang out over Christmas break. Mostly i don't miss the people i graduated with (my two Js aren't included in this because they didn't graduate with me :) ) but letting good people fall out of my life seems like a bad idea. Plus of course i'm a whore for gossip, hearing what's up with everyone.

Tomorrow we have Christmas at Thanksgiving with my Maryland grandparents as we do every year. Sunday i'm going to church (we'll see if i get into fights with anyone -- i really liked talking to Jenn and having the Mass. ruling come up and her being all "People don't like change, so it'll be a long time before everyone's okay with it but of course") and my mommy's making pancakes and then i'm heading back to Smith. Only 3 more weeks left of this semester.

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