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Hott. (Hey, at least i don't use the phrase as much as akronohten does :) )

Have been reading fanfic that doesn't suck, which is a nice change of pace (as often i complain about the vast majority of fanfic out there being teh suck). Also caught up on Cicada, and the last few issues have had some spectacular stuff in them.

We had Christmas-at-Thanksgiving today which meant lots of baked goods (and some cute inedibles) from my mom and some great gifts from my grandparents. I love the fact that they put clues on all their gifts. (Oh and yes, i do give my relations very specific wishlists.)And my mommy's making delicious cinnamon rolls... YUM!

I saw the halftime "Battle of the Bands" show for the Southern University/Grambling State University college football game. Impressive, though as my grandmother pointed out they weren't really playing anything complex. Given how much training time and constant focus must go into marching and playing at the same time i guess that makes sense. SU had amazing precise formations, and GSU focused more on everyone doing kinda dance moves, so i preferred SU. The cheerleaders at the end of each one's performance seemed superfluous.

Oh, and there's figure skating tonight. Haven't watched in ages, which is regrettable.

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