Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I did a thorough ScanDisk, so hopefully my computer will stop being cranky.

You know those commercials for cold medicine with that person's head being a floaty balloon? That's kinda how i felt today. I was embarassingly unable to articulate in Spanish, for example. So, by necessity, i called it a day off and did things like catch up on the LJ communities i'd been filtering out during the busy week. I'm trying not to panic about all my work, and hope i can self-motivate and focus. I'm excited about my Spanish, difficult as it is, and it's the only grade i care about, but it would be nice to get a B- or above in everything else 'cause C's do make me wince.

Elaine and Katherine are super-cute; they came by with bubbles. They said i blew better bubbles than they did, but i actually liked theirs better (i'm not good at blowing gently and thus getting the bigger bubbles; but blowing harder means you get smaller bubbles attached to each other).

I now officially like Music for Elevators. (I have started quoting it. Though the lyrics still feel generally rather unoriginal. It's also good study music in its mood and style.)

The late-night finals food RADS gives us during reading period is better than the having no classes part of reading period. (Though i think i'm going to get sick from all the chocolate i've been consuming.) I wish they kept it up during finals period, though. I also wish i didn't feel like i've had maybe 3 meals since i came back from Thanksgiving.

For some time now i have wanted to work Whedonverse into a serious academic assignment.
"You kids really dig the library, don't you?": Use / Non-Use of Resources and the Information Gap at the Sunnydale High School Library by jadelennox

In random fannish news, i hear the S5 BtVS DVDs don't include the "Previously on..." for "The Gift," which is a shame.
[That set just came out in the States, so i had seen a comment from a viewer, but looking for a link i see it's on the foreign edition but not the domestic, which is weird, and wrong.]

LiveJournal has abolished invite codes. That and other stuff explained in the latest news.

All the other stuff i have to say requires longer entries.

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