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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

the blue light was pretty on the snow

Hello, first real all-nighter of my career. Thanks for waiting until the end of my 5th semester in college. Oh, i see you and my tendency toward distraction/procrastination have already met. Can i have a nap now? What, you mean i have more work to do? Damn.

Finished Estela's paper. That 8-10 page paper. Which is currently 6 pages. Yeah. The entire second half, at least, could definitely use work. But it's very much a full, coherent draft, which really just needs the existing content revised and elaborated -- i don't think i need to work in any additional ideas, which is a blessing. So e-mailed her the "borrador" and now i'm off to shower, eat, and start on those 3 other subjects i have. I think a break from masks and love and death and sex and homosexuality and religion will be nice (what, where you wondering why i was excited about this paper? ;) ).

Entries of substance will have to wait for the moment, but yay for prof e-mails.

How cute is my Spanish professor? This is from her to my class last night:
Queridas estudiantes: Espero que esten trabajando bien (calentitas en casa y tomando chocolate).

Mañana estare en mi oficina disponible de 2:30 a 4 pm. POr la mañana tambien me pueden encontrar entre las 10 y las 11. Esto por si tienen consultas/ dudas/ algo que--a ultimo momento-- quieran discutir conmigo.

Un fuerte abrazo y fuerza, que falta menos!!!


Also, i have the bestest advisor.
From: Douglas Patey
To: Elizabeth Sweeny
Date: Sunday - December 14, 2003 7:15 AM
Subject: Re: the Jane Austen class

Hi Elizabeth--
    Interesting to wake up to the news that we've nabbed Saddam Hussein.
    The Bookstore's list is right, although I'm still tinkering a bit (deciding whether we'll indeed read Pilgrim's Progress. Reason not to: it's too much Sunday School. Reason to: it's hard to think of any other book that's been so influential on the novel). No Frankenstein: I'm bored with it.
    The real reason to use specific editions is so that we can look at passages in class. I've got spares ("desk copies") of several of our books, though, that I'll be happy to pass on to you. What's the best way? To put them into campus mail, or hang onto them for now?

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