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in which i talk about the Saddam news

Pre-emptive disclaimer: Appearances to the contrary, none of this is a personal attack on any of my friends. I’m probably the closest to the Religious Right of any of my friends. The more this becomes clear to me, the more respect i have for all of you who haven’t shut a door in my face, because more and more i am understanding just how tempting it is to do that.

Doug was the first to inform me because i check e-mail before LJ. Then of course it was at the top of my friendspage with conspiracy theory suspicions, and my immediate reaction was “Fuck You” though of course i have more respect for my friends than to say that. I checked the Jolt next, which did nothing for my sanity. I actually stopped reading the threads, because i just can’t take it. I just.... It was making me scream inside, to be honest.

I felt better after checking in on weblogs (because all the weblogs i read are by thoughtful intelligent conservatives). I only kinda even skimmed those, though, because honestly i don’t care about 723 individual perspectives on all the angles and details. (If you want that, InstaPundit.com has about a million entries, including a link to a round-up of anti-war blogger responses, which also links to 2 round-ups of coverage from pro-war bloggers.)

I held off on posting because i wanted to temper my immediate reaction both emotionally and intellectually. I think i’m good now, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to engage me in discussion about this.

I understand where people’s conspiracy theories come from, hell i’ll even validate them. But the kneejerk Bush-is-the-Antichrist, anything-that-happens-under-him-is-of-the-dark side, makes me twitch.

Is it possible it’s a double? Sure, why not. They say the have DNA samples and damned if i know how they got the original ones.

I honestly don’t even care so much that we captured Saddam. I didn’t think he had any sort of Mafia-esque control-from-exile thing going on, so once he was deposed i stopped caring.

“The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation” -RENT
I’m not interested in catching the bad guys; i’m interested in making life better for people.

I understand people’s concern about catching Osama, since he was far more directly responsible for 9/11, but i’ve seen people implying that catching Osama is the only important thing to focus in the “war on terrorism” and that troubles me deeply. I’m far more concerned with improving the quality of life for people than about punishing specific bad people (note: this is my slant on domestic as well as foreign policy).

The Bush administration still has an obligation to help rebuild Iraq. There are still months and months left before the election in which things can go poorly for the Republicans and decrease Bush’s chances of being re-elected. If all they can pull out come November is “But, remember 11 months ago when we captured Saddam?” then you have far less faith in the American people than i do if you think Bush is gonna win the election.

If you say you would rather have Saddam in power than Bush in power, i may have to stab you. If you say you want people to die in Iraq, or Americans to die from terrorist attacks, so that Bush will not get re-elected, i may have to cease speaking to you.
I don’t think any of my friends feel that way, though, and i know that those who do give your side a bad name (agreeing with conservatives a lot, i definitely feel your pain with the whole psychos-make-my-side-look-bad thing).

I have no opinion on the news coverage as i haven’t actually watched any of it. I’ve barely even glanced at the photos and news stories floating on the Web.

I have been so tempted to say i wouldn’t mind having Bush re-elected. I don’t think i know enough about his policies to say that, though.

When voting for President, there’s so much to consider. Not just campaign promises and voting record, but also the dynamics of the Congress and the public, which affect the likelihood of certain legislation passing (or even being proposed). Also which things are going to be major issues during the President’s term (Supreme Court Justice nominations, international treaty ratification, etc.). I just find it really hard to say “X is evil, therefore I cannot allow X to be elected.”

I think Allie [and most of my friends, who are closer politically to her than to me] and i have some differing basic paradigms, so even if we talked all year we wouldn’t be able to solve the problems of the world.
and we hold these truths to be self evident:
#1 george w. bush is not president
#2 america is not a true democracy
#3 the media is not fooling me
Ani D.
*sighs* I’ve had a lot of issues with Ani’s “self-evident” ever since she first started performing it.

1) Yes, he is, actually. He may not be your President, but funny how that happens when we have majority voting; every time, there are thousands and thousands of people who did not vote for the winner. I didn’t follow the recount well enough to know what i think is correct, but the popular vote doesn’t matter. Personally i thought this was a travesty when i first learned about it in junior high. I don’t hear anyone talking about abolishing the electoral college, though. Maybe i just float in the wrong circles.
2) Hey, would you want every citizen to have to vote on everything? This is called representational democracy.
3) Which media? Are things like indymedia.org never incorrect or misleading? Do you in some senses fool yourself by insisting on the infallibility of such basic paradigms as “GWB=Antichrist”?

Okay, i’m being pissy and potentially unfair here. Shutting up now.

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