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and the addiction spreads...

I was telling my friend Joe tonight how LiveJournal is so addicting, and he said, "I think you should hook me up with a code so I can start one up." He ended up picking a boring name, but that's fine; i love him anyway. This actually made my day more than anything else in the past 24 hours.

that night you leaned over and threw up into your hair and i held you thinking i would offer you my pulse if i thought it would be useful i would give you my breath...
we lie in our beds and our graves unable to save ourselves from the quaint tragedies we invent and undo and the stupid circumstances we slalom through and i realized that night that the hall light which seemed so bright when you turned it on is nothing compared to the dawn which is nothing compared to the light which seeps from me while you're sleeping cocooned in my room beautiful and grotesque...

i thought:
i would offer you my pulse
i would give you my breath
i would offer you my pulse...
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