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It's snowing again! I'm so excited. We came out of Strangers on a Train in Seelye and the ground was sparkly dusted and it was snowing. I was so excited (and bubbling about the movie) that i didn't even notice the cold. (Because i was only wearing a t-shirt under my perpetual sweatshirt, this afternoon when it was about 20 degrees i definitely did notice the extreme cold.)

I bitch about movies made out of books, but i keep forgetting so many of Hitchcock's movies were based on books. His movies fall into my "wouldn't wanna read the book, but will watch the movie" category, though, so i can watch guilt-free. *stops self from continuing on long digression about books made out of movies, mostly because she knows very little about Hitchcock* I enjoyed the movie a lot. Laughed a lot, which i didn't expect. JoJo pointed out that often filmmakers will inject some levity into suspenseful scenes, because then you're building tension, releasing tension, building the tension even more, and that makes sense, though i don't remember laughing during the previous 3 Hitchcock films i've seen. (Yes, i know i'm classic movie deprived. And not just as concerns Hitchcock. chiaroscuro17 may help remedy that this J-term, though.) Sometimes it was a bit unbelievable, but generally very suspenseful and an all-around well-done film.

P.S. Anyone interested in a January valley_slash get-together, comment here.
Tags: adaptations, movies, movies: j-term, movies: watched, weather: snow: 2003-2004

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