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Look, an update.

Wow, i ate both meals with my Lamont crew today (Monday). Y’know, when people were whining about the possibility of consolidated dining, so many of them talked about how the current dining system builds house community and suchlike, but the fact is that people are really cliquish. And even people who aren’t really cliquish just get comfortable sitting with the same people. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just that dining is hardly a house bonding experience, though it definitely helps most people bond with a select subset of their house.

I really like Meredith and Sarah and their people and look forward to the return of Isabel and Gillian. I do actually like a lot of my Lamont people, and look forward to the return of some who aren’t back yet, but sometimes i need a break from certain people or just from the same people i see all the time. I think next semester i will do a lot more varying of whom i eat meals with than i have in past semesters.

Sarah and i had a CD-burning party, "like a lesbian music booster shot" she said. *g* And then i came home and downloaded a boatload of music off of BearShare because i’ve been listening to the same mp3s for ever and realized i was seriously lacking various artists. (Wow, it’s interesting listening to my music and having to look at the playlist for the song and sometimes even the artist, because it’s new and i don’t recognize it. Much easier to let the music be background music when i don’t already know every second of it by heart. This makes listening to new music difficult, because it’s so easy to tune it out if i don’t know it, so i never learn if i actually like it unless i carve out time to just sit and listen to the music. Almost as interesting is listening to mp3s of songs i first heard on cassette, which feels like so long ago and probably was something like 5 years ago.) I also now have the original version of the song Celebration always ends with (“Testimony” by Ferron) which makes me happy.

On Sunday, 3 different people at First Churches asked about that nice girl who came to church with me last week :) I got tea duty again, and there are rumors that i will get a name tag, though they have no church secretary at the moment. I really shouldn’t inquire about helping out with said secretary job for a small cash allowance, should i? I really should call Kelly. I think she’s doing work with her Chicopee congregation this year, but i still miss seeing her. I really should ask Peter how she is, but he’s always talking to a million people, seeing as he’s the pastor and all. I wonder if she’ll be doing the Lenten Book Study this again year.

I’ve been going to First Churches for over a year now (not counting the weeks i’m not in Northampton, of course) and being asked to spell my name for possible name tag while serving tea reminded me how much i both do and do not feel a part of that church. I know very few people and am bad at starting up conversation. This isn’t an issue at United, because everyone knows me so they just all have 2-minute conversations with me. There are so many adorable children running around First Churches; it would be nice to baby-sit or i don’t know, do something to get involved. It’s hard given my lack of time and transportation, of course. And i’m very much not a member of the church. Some teenagers did the readings a couple Sundays ago and i thought, “I could do so much better than that,” but it’s not like i’m on anyone’s list of “We need readers.” I’m not a member of the church, nor did i grow up in it (i’m not a member of United but was treated as such). Kelly is “Assistant Minister for Outreach and Education,” so this would actually be a legitimate reason to call her (as opposed to “Let’s do lunch.”). I’m still working on just what my religious beliefs are, but i do like being helpful and being involved in a community.

Sunday night i was all set to do internship apps, like for real, but then Liz wanted to rent a movie, and i was all for that. So we get to Pleasant Street, no idea what we want or what we’re in the mood for. We wander around downstairs, trying to find something that we both wanna watch but that neither of us has seen. We find a couple possibilities. Then i pick up The Fisher King thinking “This title feels familiar.” A guy in the same aisle tells us it’s a very good movie, and this is our deciding factor. It turns out to be really enjoyable. Yayness.

The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl! Thank you, LiveJournal, for being my link to the outside world. And yes, anniesj, the Panthers are GOING DOWN on the Patriots. Wait, that was the reverse of what you said, wasn’t it? ;)

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