Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"why should i keep you if you won't keep me company?"

I came really close to choosing not to go to the sevillana dancing class which started today, but i’m glad that ultimately i did decide to go. Partway through the class i was feeling kinda overwhelmed and out of my league, but by the end i’d pretty much gotten it down. I’m still not doing it correctly, but i have an almost total grasp on how i’m supposed to do it.

Bought educated guess. Am not a big fan so far, but i expect it will grow on me, as albums always do. I was worried it would be political, and mostly it’s not, which is good. Definitely some “our relationship is over and I hate you” songs. Eh, most of the songs have at least a few good lines, but usually even when i don’t like the music that much i am impressed by Ani’s lyrics, and this album disappoints, moves too far into conceptual territory. But i’m only on my second listen, and i have the nagging suspicion i felt similarly about Revelling/Reckoning.

Got packerges. I think i like the girls are not chicks coloring book better than the girls will be boys will be girls will be... one, though both are flawed. I heart my parental units muchly, btw, ‘cause you know i just don’t say it enough :) SO much reading i want to get done in the few days before classes start up again.

Sign ups for btvs_cupid end tonight at midnight, so i should have my assignment soon. Also need to sign up for the Spike ficathon and maybe the Fred one (thanks to to doyle_sb4 for the handy ficathon list). Because it’s not like i have lots of WIPs [works-in-progress] or an overdue gift-fic to attend to or anything, not to mention yet another insane semester coming up, no, not at all.

Yes, i’m aware that my poll should have been checkbox not radio button and/or included an “all of the above” option, but i decided i liked making people think and try to pick a prime appeal, because “all of the above” is so easy to click without thinking. And it’s not like i’m gonna change the slant of my LJ based on a poll or anything anyway. Sidenote: i always find it interesting when people who don’t actually have me friended respond to my polls. Like, are you lurking or did you just float over here via /friendsfriends or something? [Should i have included “just wandered over here; maybe I’ll stay a while” as a poll option?]

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