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Angel 5.10, "Soul Purpose"

So, i’m waiting for someone to do the detailed comparison of the bar scene with the introduction of the real Doyle in “City of...” (the Angel series opener). And which episode had the scene where they did the double stake thing? And wow, echoes of Spike’s voiceover for the opening of “In the Dark” (1.03). LOVED Spike’s snark -- high heel shoes in dark alleys, all that.

Wes and Gunn looked so evil i kept half-expecting them to turn into a dream sequence as well, though of course i knew it wasn’t.

Clearly we know where i come from. 10:08pm, e-mail from my father:
Subject: Crockett and Tubbs

In case you didn't get the cultural reference:



I was really hoping that Spike would mention “Doyle” (even though it wouldn’t make sense for him to), because Wes was around when real Doyle was.

Sarah: “Angel has naughty nurse Fred dreams?”

I feel the goldfish bowl soul means something. Especially with Buffy’s "Children? Can you say jumping the gun. I killed my goldfish."

Does the end of "Dead End" (2.18) ever show us Lindsey's license plate? 'Cause it would be so awesome, and fitting on a number of levels, if the one Fred pulled out were that one. Someone else pointed the pearls-as-Drusilla parallel.

Clearly, this is the gayest show ever. “You're not really my type.” “Kept boy.” When Wes looked at Angel before following him, someone asked what was going on and i said “Wes is suspicious, or really really gay.” Angel wakes up next to Spike. Loved the Buffy stuff, by the way. I proved that i am fannish by sharing that there exist “He’s not gay, he just has an evil hand” Lindsey icons and “He’s not gay, he’s just British” Wesley icons.

Sarah felt this was like “Restless,” and there’s something to be said for that interpretation, but it was only in vague ways a “Restless” redux.

Whatever that slug thing did, Angel’s feelings of irrelevancy were definitely there to begin with, as signaled by the whole “CEO. In the dark” at the beginning of the episode. His exasperation with “grey area” is definitely not new. Interesting wanting to get back to black and white since Angel has always been far grayer than its parent show.

After "Lineage," georgevna wrote: "Angel sure has a lot of extractable bits, doesn't he? I mean, we've known for a while that his soul can be extracted. Last year it was his destiny, wasn't it? In the Vegas episode? And now, his free will. The boy's like a sieve. It worries me - are any of these things in danger of leaking out? What else has he got in there for the taking?" [P.S. "The Vegas episode" is "The House Always Wins," 4.03.]

The whole episode was predictable, but not in a bad way. I should have called what his reward would be given how much “real boy now” is thrown around online. Why was the blue fairy so ugly?

Quality episode. Lots of little shout-outs and fabulous one-liners and so on. I should probably have more to say, but i don’t. Sorry if i disappointed samfeasor :)

"Angel's fever dreams, while not large with the subtle, really worked well: as sheer entertainment, as what he would logically fear, and as a nice counterpoint to "Angel's retarded fantasy" of last season. The Parts I particularly liked: Angel burning with the Chosen special effect, as if he has no choice to turn into Spike if Spike, so to speak, turns into him. Fred hearing the ocean in his emptiness, a nice subtle reference to Connor, who would otherwise have been a glaring omission from the parade of horrors. Him in dorky clothes as the mailman, referring back to to the cautionary tale of Number Five. And for some reason I was really charmed by the soul as goldfish, and not just for being a tiny Willow shoutout."
Footnotes for those not nearly obsessed enough:
Angel’s fantasy was “Soulless” (4.11).
Willow and goldfish: In “Passion” (BtVS 2.17) Angelus kills Willow’s goldfish.

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