Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

This morning, a friend of mine posted about how painful it was to see the anti-gay-marriage demonstrations. A commenter wrote, "I really don't understand this anomisity against the Gay/Lesbian/Bi/transgernder groups."

I know what the person meant, but my instant reaction was “But you have to understand where these people are coming from or you can’t have real dialogue with them.” You can’t have discussions with people if you don’t have any respect for the integrity of their convictions. Writing off people who disagree with you as brainwashed ignoramuses [shouldn’t that be ignorami?] is abhorrent, regardless of what side you’re on. Double standards/hypocrisy is one of my big pet peeves, and it comes up with opinionated people a lot.

Hmm, this was supposed to be more well-thought out, with examples and stuff. *sigh*

Anyway. Today was the first day of classes, but the only class i have on Mondays is Intro MacroEcon. I think that’s gonna be a good class. Randy Bartlett seems very fun and engaging, and i expect he knows his stuff very well. “Economics is magic” -- because you are able to transform your labor into goods you could never create on your own. Interesting way of looking at it.

Lunch was grilled cheese and potato puffs which made me very happy.

Work was fine. Everyone was pleased to see me. Nothing interesting to report.

It was really good to see Albright people at dinner tonight.

I did 2 more cover letters. I now have 2 magazines, 2 gay rights groups, and a media literacy one. I was working on another one tonight, but stuff came up.

Marnie’s back. I was expecting her to be far more “I need space to settle and recenter,” but as she pointed out, she had been traveling for ages, so she had lots of time to think and begin the readjustment and everything.

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