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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Angel 5.11, "Damage"

Written by: Steven S. DeKnight & Drew Goddard

Why do we have to introduce a new skill for Gunn every week? Golfing (assuming it really is as true as movies/TV make it out to me) and demon languages both make perfect sense (yeah, Wesley knew them already, but he doesn't have the lawyer/diplomat skills one needs for heat-of-the-moment negotiating) but couldn't we have mentioned them all at the time? When they're new -- to us and to the other characters (so that there's an excuse to explain it to the audience) -- it looks like such an invented plot device. People have pointed out that in "Harm's Way" (5.09) Fred should have had a throwaway line explaining how she could suddenly perform autopsies, but because she was just working in her lab per usual it wasn't as obvious that she was being given handy new skills (the analogy to the knowledge injections in the Matrix movies is quite apt). The other characters not knowing also adds to the feeling of Gunn being untrustworthy. But perhaps this is the point. I mean, the golf thing was only relevant for the opening conversation and we could have gotten to the punchline ("We do lots of good. At the end of the day, I think we made the right choice" -- "Maybe we made a mistake") by any number of other ways.

Dealing with the Eve thing. Good. She and Lindsey were absent and lo, i didn't miss them. And Lorne had more than an obligatory walk-on line, which was good. Harmony's walk-on was fine.

Dana very much had a Faith thing going on. Also a River gone wrong.

"Sorry love, I don't speak Chinese." That was the first of the "ooh" moments, and come the end one wondered whether he actually said it, or whether it was another one of her brain muddles.

Buffy the series did a lot with prophetic-Slayer dreams in the first season or two and a little in later seasons as well, but the dreams-of-Slayers-past was something that only happened in the movie.

"Giles sent one of his best men." And it's Andrew! And we all reacted as Spike did, the "You've got to be kidding me." Thinking Giles sent Andrew because he didn't think the situation was very serious, or because he figured they could handle it and just needed, whatever. But then at the end we find out that he's a Watcher-in-training.

Andrew is so gay, and such a geek.

Harken back to "Storyteller."

Andrew as expert? And shooting down Wesley? (And calling him "Pryce" to boot!)

"Perhaps Mr. Giles was wrong about you."
Wow, if looks could kill. And rarely does anyone actually pull off such a look, but yeah, Wes did.

Sarah thinks the Andrew-in-the-boardroom scene was the best scene ever.

So, Buffy and Dawn are in Rome. Xander's in Africa. Willow and Kennedy are in Brazil. I could just see all the fans thinking "Damn, my fic got Jossed," though this is one of those things where no reader is gonna care if your fic doesn't fit the canon. Interestingly, Faith wasn't mentioned. Bitter 'cause she's on another show?

"When you make whiskey it makes the whole room smell like molasses."
Sarah: "Why does she know that?"
Me: "She grew up in the South."

Meredith called that Spike was the torturer. But Spike was very much the kill and move on type; torture was Angel's forte, so it seemed strange. (Plus, once we see the flashback, where the hell is Dru?) Incidentally, given that it was bad-man-tortures-innocent-girl [hello Dru], plus she spoke Romanian [hello Gypsy curse], i thought Angel was going to go all guilt-complex-y, but it turned out to be Spike-centric, which was fine.

Wow, the hands thing was creepy.

Spike has been very much "I have a soul now, moving on," so we were wondering if he had just kinda repressed the memories of all the stuff he'd done (after all, in BtVS S5 we learn he tortured little girls), but no, hers wasn't one of the lives he ruined. But in her dreams she lived the lives of the 2 Slayers he'd killed; i loved the moment where she realizes that he wasn't her man but that he really did kill those 2 women... and she starts hitting him again... because he was still evil and cruel and a murderer and just because he hadn't hurt her didn't mean he wasn't a bad man.

"She's ours." Wow, hello Watcher's Council taking Faith away from the Scoobies. Only now the Scoobies are the Watcher's Council. Sarah thinks Buffy is doing her own thing in Italy, glad to be rid of the responsibility, and that if she found out what was going on. Meredith and i believe Andrew, though. After all of Buffy's I'm-a-general speeches last season, i can totally see her being in charge. And she's gotta be as sick of grey areas as Angel is. (Though hi, the amulet which saved the world came via W&H, and she trusted him to be her 2nd front in "Chosen." I'm sure people will fanwank this, and likely more people will problematize this.)

"I have 12 Vampyr Slayers standing behind me, and none of them have dated you."

Listening to Andrew talk about what was going on with the Scoobies, i felt like, "This is Joss, writing an epic story, only there are no plans to write an epic story."

The Angel-Spike exchange at the end talks about the differences between their individual styles of being evil, and if i had a transcript i would post the excerpt, but i don't. I liked that Spike seems beginning to actually regret what he did when he was evil. Sarah says in that scene they were so an old gay couple, and really they were.

Next week's episode is so not gonna be as good as this one. I understand that the 100th Angel episode has to be focused on itself (I thought last week's episode was shout-out heavy, but this week's was even more so, and they were BtVS, so Sarah, who has seen all the BtVS episodes but not all the Angel ones could enjoy them just as much as Meredith and i.) and i'm looking forward to the revelations/resolutions which look to be coming in that episode, but i really don't think it's gonna be anywhere near as good as this episode, which is fine with me really. This episode was just amazing, with the themes and the issues and the continuity and the shout-outs and the quoteable lines and just... oh it was so good. Sarah said "You know we're going to have to rewind this and watch it again." She meant immediately of course, but that was not to be. Some other time we will likely rewatch it. I want a transcript, yo.

Now, off to see what everyone else wrote and possibly make a second post. Or maybe, yanno, do homework, since it's close to eleven o'clock now.

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