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Tangent last night ended up being held in Kasey and Lucas’s Friedman. Early on there was the following exchange:
     “Who doesn’t know where the Friedmans are?” (asked rhetorically)
     Me: “Until about 2 minutes ago, i didn’t.”
     “Don’t you go to parties?”
     Me: “No, actually.”

I’m a terrible student who takes more notes on the amusing things her professors say than on the actual literary discussions -- in Michael’s class, at least. Allie says i’m not a terrible student, just strange.

Michael: “If no one minds, I’m going to partially disrobe.”
Sharon: “Should there be music?”
Michael: “Sure. Anyone got any singles?”

Most disturbing quote from him ever: “Mmm... leg irons....”

Last Wednesday i was writing a response paper for Doug’s class, well into the night because i was so not into writing it. So i thought it ended up a very poor paper. What do i get as a comment?
Wow – This is a splendidly argued meditation (both in what you say and how). You wrote well in Eng 170, but I don’t remember you writing This well!
Well, it has been 2 years after all. Good to know all the lit classes i've taken in that time actually had some effect :)

I sat with Sam-from-Hampshire on the bus to UMass which was cool as i hadn’t seen or talked to her in ages.

I enjoy that my UMass class marks its beginning by turning out the lights and playing a gong sound.

We have in-class writing assignments and starting this Thursday they will be based on the readings we are supposed to have done for that day’s class. I am hoping the annoying people who keep talking to their neighbors during class will drop the class.

In other news, i enjoy the fact that i sometimes attain mythical status and get inextricably linked to words/phrases like "problematic."

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