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(sleep now so i can be even more productive tomorrow)

I've gotten a good amount of homework done so far this weekend, but i have ever so many lengthy LJ posts i'm working on, not to mention i absolutely must finish my btvs_cupid fic this weekend as V-day is next Saturday.

I'm not writing any more about Janet Jackson or the Super Bowl (though there are amusing thoughts on men in dresses here) but this is an interesting article on how many SuperBowl commercials were just as troubling for parents watching with children.

Also, why does anyone still drink and drive? At least none of the N'wood kids have killed innocent bystanders yet. (Greg Bongo's name is only very vaguely familiar to me, but i think i remember Dan Donovan in my grade in junior high.) E-mail from my dad:
Subject: Did you know Greg Bongo?

He would have been a year after you at NHS, though he dropped out in 2000. He has a sister, Tertia, who's now a senior.

from the Norwood Buletin, February 5, 2004:

Polide suspect that alcohol may have been a factor in a single-car accident that left two young men with Norwood roots dead last Friday, January 30.

Gregory M. Bongo, 20, of Neponset Street was the only passenger in a car that a witness said was traveling at a high rate of speed when it sturuck a telephone pole on Federal Furnace Road near the Ellishaven Camp Ground in Plymouth, at abut 9:30 p.m.

Bongo was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the car, Daniel L. Donovan, 21, of Carver and formerly of Norwood, was extricated from the car and transported to Jordan Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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