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"years go by and i'll still be waiting, for somebody else to understand"

I suspect jennyo archives every Lilah fic in existence, but still, first time anyone’s ever asked to archive something i wrote. Made my morning.

Church service was okay. I guess there’s only so much you can say about “Taking the leap of faith,” and i respect that Peter wasn’t at his best having just spent a day in Maine (4 hour drive each way) and i liked the image of life being a series of trapeze swings, but all in all i was underwhelmed.

Sidenote. I’m still getting used to this whole idea that there’s a set rotation of texts, so you and everyone else around the world are studying that Scripture that day. I knew Catholic churches did that, but i thought in Protestant churches the preacher just picked. (Though that does mean you have to deal with some of the Scripture you have difficulty with, can’t just do all the easy ones you could preach on in your sleep.) But then, my church wasn’t exactly typical. Almost every other church i’ve been to does an Old Testament and a New Testament reading, but my church always had just the one. I think the other N’wood Protestant churches we went to during summer services did just the one, ‘cause i remember being weirded out at Vespers (or perhaps at the chapel service i went to around that time) first year that there was more than one Scripture reading.

My program had a cross on a hill drawn on it, and i thought i recognized the name as one of the older kids, so i was a bit surprised at the simplicity of the drawing, but Peter explained that Tessa had asked the children to draw a picture of their favorite Bible stories, and that was what was on the programs. I think there were 4 different covers. One was David and Goliath. If asked my favorite Bible story i’m not sure i would think of the Crucifixion, in part because i compartmentalize it separately from the classic Sunday School “Bible stories,” but it made me really happy that one of the kids said it was her favorite Bible story.

During coffee hour, a woman named Carolyn came up to me, “You’re the Smith girl, right?” I laughed, though of course, except when applejuicegirl comes with me, i am the only Smithie who attends services there. She was quite nice, and i also chatted with MJ and Jenny and Marcia, the church treasurer, whom i hadn’t met before.

I haven’t really had anything to say on the Fairy Tales and Gender discussion board, but then people posted about the Olga Broumas poem and i had to seriously disagree with one of them. And then there were interesting discussions about the Anne Sexton poem. And then of course, some people (not just me) have read on to the Angela Carter tales for Thursday and are talking about those. I half-expect to have 10 posts of substance (a requirement for the course) by the time the week is out. I have 9 posts so far; i can think of at least 1 or 2 off the top of my head that were only a few sentences, and at least 3 or 4 that are very much of substance. (A lot of them are medium and i don’t know how high Betsey’s standards are.) Getting excited about discussing literature reminds me why i’m an English major in the first place, and i hope it continues through the semester.

I also started the 2-pager on Angela Carter for Thursday. I feel bad that i’m adding to the giant pile of papers for Betsey (it’s the last option for the 1st paper, so of course the majority of the class is doing it) but none of the readings/topics thereon grabbed me like i knew Carter would.

I’m mostly caught up on the econ reading (everything we’ve done in class has made sense, but i’d like to work to further solidify it) and did the easy worksheet (the only thing i absolutely had to get done for Monday -- and for 9am thereon, to boot).

I’ve done all of my reading except for Robinson Crusoe, which i’ve been plodding through. It’s really not any more exciting the second time through. One of the options for our response paper is obscenely easy, and i was gonna feel bad choosing it, but really, i have better things to do. So i reread the relevant section (which was a rather large chunk of the book, in actuality) and wrote the 2-pager. I’ll finish reading the rest of the book on Monday. (Class isn’t until Tuesday.)

My copy is the exact edition from my Oxford class, only the back has a gold emblazoned “Instructor’s Desk Copy;” Doug wasn’t kidding when he said he had spare desk copies ;)

Heads up to those rare Smithies i know. E-mail from Cate: "I'm adamantly looking for people who write from middle-of-the-road or conservative perspectives. Get your less liberal friends to write for Op/Ed! Or, try writing from a different perspective."

Quick search for fic for phineasjones made me realize that in the rash of ficathons i’ve seen recently, there has been no Lindsey ficathon. Someone do one so that i don’t, because there is already far more that i want to do than i have time for.

The world it is small. I knew this already. Smith-the-incestuous-bubble reminds me of this frequently, but occasionally something happens and i just boggle.

One of our big goals for February is to split up the overloaded concept of "friends", turning it into separate categories relating to who you read on your friends page, who you trust to read your entries, who you know in real life, etc. This will allow us to cluster this information and put it into memcache, so we'll be freeing up system resources along the way.
What would really be great would be if there were a way for us to be able to add users to an "i trust this person to read my LJ" without having to have them on our friendspage (other than using filters when we view our friendspage).
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