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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

This evening i looked on the syllabus and saw that the Robinson Crusoe paper isn't due until Thursday. Oh well, i'm glad to have it done as i have plenty else to do this week.

Had the creepiest phone call at work today. Guy wants to send something to this woman at her work. He knows she works at a museum in this area but doesn't know which one. I didn't recognize her name at all, which made me glad, as i'm not sure what i would have done if she had actually worked for us. His story just got weirder and weirder as he told it. I would have come up with a far less stalkerish sounding story if i were in his position, but maybe that's just me.

Katy must have had projects last week, 'cause when i went to do the filing i saw a fax i had written up to be filed near the end of my shift last Wednesday. Oh well. Stacey says i can't complain about having to do the filing since why would anyone else do it when i do "such a bang-up job of it"?

I could have spent much of my shift finishing reading Robinson Crusoe, but i moved files instead. We transfered one section of files to a new filing cabinet so that we can space out the existing files more; some drawers are so packed one can barely access them. Since i'm the one who does almost all the filing anyway, i was rather eager to make them more user-friendly. I didn't quite finish, but barring any major projects i'll definitely finish on Wednesday, which will make me happy.

We started cleaning the trunk room (the storage area on the bottom floor, for those of you who don't go to Smith). I was regretting having signed up for the first shift as it would mean dealing with the worst of it, but it turned out that we mostly just cleaned up the spillover room. Phys Plant is gonna come in and take out all the ruined stuff from the trunk room and fix it so it won't flood and then we'll go through the remaining stuff so it's no longer a fire hazard or anything. There's stuff in there from people who graduated in 1998; it's crazy. And people leave some of the weirdest shit. Nail polish, lamps, mini-fridges, electronics, etc. (HP Liz was psyched to snag a rice cooker.) There's this whole set of tupperware with toiletries and makeup and prescription drugs. No names, nothing. And we get to track down the people who haven't yet graduated (and thus forfeited claim to their stuff) but have moved out of the house and have them come and take their shit. Note to the populus: do not lock your bike to a couch. We actually have two separate bikes locked to two separate couches down there. (It's ground level so there are bike racks in there, but you can't find space on a bike rack so you lock it to a couch?) Tons of books, which get added to the house library. After the week is over i'm gonna go through and reorganize. DeeDee found $17 in a purse. Also, a gay porn mag. Two separate people said, "You should put that in the library," so that's where it is. (Joe, were you at P'stone when one of the yard sale boxes included an anniversary edition Playboy and i said send it to Dedham and Diane said trash it?) I also found a Neilson book, due June 2000. The person must have just paid a replacement fee, 'cause you can't graduated owing obligations, but i'll drop it off on my way to class tomorrow anyway. Liz also got Val's graduation gown. Diana found a second one and gave it to me. (Can we believe i have a graduation gown more than a year in advance? Note to self: thrift for white dresses for Ivy Day this summer.) Liz said i should lend it to a senior this year, which makes sense. Too bad this wasn't last year when i actually knew tons of seniors. (Especially since i'll be here for much of Senior Week if not Commencement, thanks to my UMass class, but that's another story.)

Now, off to check e-mail, f'list, and discussion board. Early to bed tomorrow night, yo.

edit: 11:15pm and i am going to bed. Nice.

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