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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Angel 5.13, "Why We Fight"

Written by: Drew Goddard & Steven S. DeKnight
Directed by: Terrence O'Hara

Clearly this episode was better than the promos would make one think. (One wonders why any of us watch the promos.) I expected as much.

Before the episode, i was thinking about how the 100th episode was in many ways like a season ender, so i was curious as to what new direction they were gonna take for the second half of the season.

Looks like Gunn's losing his lawyer mojo, which bodes interesting for the remainder of the season. Though of course it would be ME [Mutant Enemy] style to makes us think that and then do something wholly unexpected.

Eve has vanished and Angel isn't satisfied with "likely," wants to actually see Lindsey getting his comeuppance. Hello anvils that Lindsey will return. (Do we think maybe Lindsey, and perhaps Eve, are in league with the Senior Partners with some bigger plan? Stranger theories have been floated i'm sure.)

And Wes and Gunn had a moment alone in the lobby there, because ME loves throwing crumbs to the slashers.

Lawson reminded me of Ford. (Though he also has the Tom Welling look.) I could make parallels between the two, but i'm not gonna bother.

Angel, why didn't you just stake him and then go rescue your friends? Oh yeah, because then we wouldn't have an episode.

Wow, this is so the first X-Files episode i watched -- the one where they're in the sub in the arctic or whatever, with the black goo. I never watched X-Files real intensely, though one day when all 10 seasons are out on DVD i'll library whore it and have a marathon. But yeah, Joss was ripping off X-Files hardcore at the beginning. The Cigarette Smoking Man hardcore, and Skinner less so. One could argue for Angel-as-Mulder. (Which probably make Lawson his Scully, which would be an interesting exercise for someone who was hardcore about X-Files.)

I had found out accidentally that the guy who played Gnarl and one of the Gentlemen would be playing "Prince of Lies" in an episode called "Why We Fight," so i was psyched about that. I understand there can only be so many major characters in an episode, especially when it's a framed story, but still, i pout. You have the Prince of Lies (read: the Devil himself in Christian mythologu) and all you can do is mesh a bunch of costumes?

"I was Rasputin's lover!" That was definitely whatshisname's best line.

Sarah says i'm the queen of slash, but seriously, she and Kathy gay the show so much more than i do. (I'm flattered by the assessment, of course, but i think really she just doesn't spend much time in online fandom.)

Angel: "I will not be sunk to the bottom of the ocean."
Spike: "I would never let the government experiment on me."

Oh, the in-jokes for those of us who have been watching since the beginning.

Edit: "Oh, he's not a Nazi, he just likes the jacket." Spike and jackets! This was actually probably one of my favorite moments of the episode. Clearly i don't have the very valid isses many people post-"Lies My Parents Told Me" with Spike and the duster.

"They let anyone in here, huh?"

Nice harkening back to the first time Spike and Angel encountered each other in this episode. ME really hammered the whole "so many people break into W&H nowadays." I fear they are doing what they did with BtVS S7 General-Bufy-speeches: giving shout-outs to the fans, but not fixing it (which really, is worse than just plain not fixing it, because you're screaming "we know this is lame" but then you don't fix it). But maybe they'll actually do something with the issue, tie it to the general theme of things falling apart since Angel & co. took over W&H or something.

"You know I adore you darling, and depend on you for all of my Angel related thinking needs :)" -Sarah

I expect mutant_allies will link to interesting discussions about themes, characters, arcs, execution [the execution of ideas by the writers, not execution as in death], etc. One could (and somebody should) take apart the parallels set up for us in this episode and discuss and speculate and so on, but i'm not really up for it. Yes, i'm tired and have so much work to do these next few days and will read discussion later but for now i'm content to just say "that was interesting, perhaps not as good as it could have been, but really it's setting up a whole exploration, and i hope they do that, instead of having it be just another 'Angel questions the direction his mission-undertaking is going'."

Next week, "Smile Time," Joss rips off Avenue Q or something. (Allie wonders if he's trying to one-up Farscape or something.) Looks like it could be fun, but a fluffy stand-alone in sweeps? Clearly we are suspicious and suspect it will be darker if not deeper than it appears. (I mean, when was the last time an episode looked anything like what the promo would have made you think?) As Emma and i have discussed, i prefer angst and dark to fluff and parody, so i am rather indifferent going in to next week (this week's i knew could explore interesting themes, so i was looking forward) but that i hope (much though i try to never get my hopes up) it will be better (by my definition) than it looks to be.

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