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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[Clearly it is not too early in the semester for all-nighters. Though i am going to bed now.]

Congratulations to everyone who got Friedmans. (And also to Joe for getting a grad school acceptance.)

I keep telling Allie i’m “a terrible student” and “a bad English major” and then she turns around and makes me look so very responsible and on top of my shit (though she’ll probably end up with a better grade in all the classes we share).

I want a flag that says “Bad English Major.” Y’know, one of those cheap plastic handsize ones. *channels Eddie Izzard* "Do you have a flag?"

There should also be buttons that say "bitch with a random superiority complex" (or maybe that should be pluralized, "bitch with random superiority complexes").

At work i finished moving all the files and basked in that for a few minutes before making new labels for all the drawers. I rock.

Got a lollipop and a big solid chocolate Hershey’s kiss from my boss, ‘cause she’s cool. And i hear my area Smith Club sent yummies as well. My house is having a chick flick marathon on Saturday, so i get to increase my cultural quotient, as there are some classics i haven’t seen. And conveniently, Radical Harmonies is showing (3pm, Sweeney, free to Smithies) during the 80s movies i have no interest in rewatching. Of course, that means no work will get done that day, but so it goes.

I think i’m really kinda pushing myself this week, with the amount of time i’m spending not doing work (movies, meetings, etc.) and the amount of work i have, but so it goes. I have already managed to forget a meeting. Thankfully it was being held in my abode and the J’s gained entrance and were not resentful. It has been a long week. And it is not over yet.

Went to the Andrea Barrett lecture. Got thinking about the His Dark Materials trilogy. Thankfully it didn’t make me too inspired, as i really don’t have time to be spending on non-required work at the moment.

And Jacqueline’s applying to the Oxford program, so i was remembering all the cool stuff about my time there and actually wanting to go back dammit. I really should write Mark, as i never did.

There are so many long posts about political issues and stuff i have half-written, but i’m making myself stay on top of my work before i can go finish them.

wisdomeagle has A Very Gen Valentine’s Day and an Ash Wednesday challenge:
In honor of Ash Wednesday two weeks from tomorrow, on Wed, Feb. 25, I'm issuing:
Dust To Dust: Ash Wednesday Challenge
1. The story may be Biblefic. OT or NT. If calling it midrash makes you feel better, you may do so.
2. The story may be set in another fandom, but must contain the line, "Dust you are, and to dust you [will/shall] return."
3. Slash, het or gen.
4. Rating no higher than R, given the occasion.
5. Mood should be solemn.
And there’s a Spike/Tara ficathon (sign-up ends March 15). I say this like i’ve finished my btvs_cupid fic or something.

Oh, and my people who know these things should go rec phineasjones good Wes/Gunn, preferably not too heavy on the angst/darkness. ["does anyone have anyone relatively happy-lighthearted-smutty wes/gunn recs? seems to be a bit of doom and gloom in the pairing... but all i know right now is the buddy-buddy cuteness of s2. and that's the mood i want. any thoughts?"]

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