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"I wish I had a river I could skate away on..."

Rec Council showed Love Actually tonight. Yay free movies. (Though they need to stop putting 7:30 talks in the same room, as they always run over.)

Wow, do all British movies have so much swearing and nudity? :)

Watching the cast list as the movie opened, i was amused that i recognized all the big names but wouldn’t recognize most of the faces. I actually like it better that way, though, because then the characters are the characters, not the actors/actresses.

I have never been a particular Hugh Grant fan girl, but i think this movie may have sold me on him. Also, Natalie was quite possibly the most attractive woman in that entire movie.

The voiceover at the beginning (and then the reunions at the end) made me sing Ani’s “arrivals gate” in my head.

The funeral was where i nearly sobbed. It never occurred to me that a loved one might be a pallbearer, and that just seemed so poignant, not to mention the little boy watching his mother’s body carted off.

If someone wants to surprise me like that at my wedding, go for it.

There was such a Wes-Gunn thing (i had to keep restraining myself from making Whedonverse parallels during group discussion about Angela Carter’s “The Company of Wolves” today) and it was totally dashed, but it is nice that the twist can be that someone is not gay. (Clearly i need to watch all movies with Emma.)

"Without hope or agenda," love that phrase.

Aw, the Joni Mitchell album is like the sweetest thing he could have gotten her. (Though of course it’s ruined by the fact that he’s a schmuck and bought a fucking expensive necklace for the evil tramp. And one thing that disappointed me was that we never really learn what the deal is with them. The wife poses the question, but we never get an answer.)

[Ah! Aimée & Jaguar. That’s where Mia looked familiar from.]

I was pleased to realize that they hadn’t made a mistake with the Joni albums. I recognized the cover, but was thinking of the track list of Blue (which she must have already had, because it contains “River,” one reason i thought the album gift was a mistake by the writers), though the album is Both Sides Now. I think part of what threw me is that they both have “A Case of You,” which is what i expected to start playing when the wife was crying (“I met a woman, she had a mouth like yours, she knew your life, she knew your devils and your deeds, and she said, ‘Go to him, stay with him if you can, but be prepared to bleed’ ”) in part because that is my favorite Joni Mitchell song.

The soundtrack is appealing in a half.com kind of way. I already have the Dido song and can get the Joni Mitchell songs easily. [Actually, i already have "River." I should ask Joe for "Both Sides Now," though.] I’m not particularly attached to anything else.

American President as Evil Incarnate rubbed me a bit the wrong way, of course, but he was the badness of Bush and Clinton, so that made it better.

I enjoyed Rowan Atkinson.

The whole lead-up to Wisconsin was funny, but i was kinda disappointed that it actually ended up just as he had anticipated (though yes i’m aware plenty of Americans will fall over even the uglies if they have a good accent).

Karl was hot. Interesting dynamic with Sarah and her brother. I’m not entirely sure how i felt about all that.

One or two too many sets of characters to keep up with. I was amused that so many of them ended up at the pageant at the end. I wanted an explanation for why it was bizarro world Nativity, though.

When the father was sitting with the son on the river, i think that’s the South Bank. I was playing “Was i there?” through much of the movie. And wow, that really was Heathrow. I was impressed.

"I thought it might be something worse."
"Worse then the total agony of being in love?"
"Oh. Yeah. Right. Total agony."

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