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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Angel 5.14, "Smile Time"

Written by: Joss Whedon
Directed by: Ben Edlund

Okay, that was really really good. Yes, i know, Joss wrote it, but he wrote "Ted" (2.11), so it's not like it's a guarantee that it'll be Best Episode Ever or anything.

Sarah wants lots of icons and wholesale dialogue, so points to sites that will have transcripts/screencaps up soon would be lovely.

"And it's not just me. It's people who know. The ladies say so."
"The ladies are right."

Is that the quote you said "Put that in your LiveJournal or I won't be your friend," Sarah?

Loved Wes's speech, which was the "My show is the gayest show ever" anvil of the hour, and the "Fred!" segue.
Got most the speech thanks to fox1013:

"99.999 ad infinitum percent of the best relationships in the recorded history of the world have had to make do with acceptable happiness."

"Hiding behind your gypsy curse when there’s a beautiful engaging alright occasionally hirsute young woman who actually wants you?"

"Get over it!"

"Because, Angel, if there’s a woman out there who you find truly attractive who you think about let’s say most of the time who represents even part of what you think makes the world worth fighting for and who doesn’t view you as an entirely sexless shoulder to lean on... you have to do something about it."
Okay, so last time i checked, Wes was all over Fred and she was being all uncomfortable and avoidy. And now we have 180ed? Though the people i was watching with pointed out that he thinks she thinks of him wholly platonically and can't handle it. Which makes sense. And later in the episode we see that she gave Knox a shot and it just didn't work out, which i will totally buy. She realizes she really likes him, dude, i will totally buy that.

Weird to watch, though, feeling like "Wes is so canonically gay" and also "Aw, Wes and Fred." (Puts bunny for "Wes, Fred, and Angel attempt to deal with a poly relationship" in a cage to be dealt with at a later date.)

Evil puppet talking to the kid? Yes, i know it's been done before, but still disturbing. And the frozen faces? Creeptastic. Knox, i have no great love for you, but Duh, Joker! You did not deserve to be shot down like that.

"Touch it" was so dirty and wrong, in a bad way. Puppet-height means there was lots of Angel dirtiness. That was amusing. Nina: "I ate him." Sarah: "And not in a good way." Yes, my show is dirty. "What do puppets eat?" "Let's find out." And of course the whole being-a-puppet thing meant there was so much dirty badness (of a good kind) potential. Dude, TBQ wrote puppet!fic last week.

Gunn losing his mojo... the Senior Partners must have planned it that way... damn, i wanted more (like an entire episode) about the transformation this has had on Gunn and how/why he can't go back to being street muscle and all. Fucking deals with the devil. You know that ancient curio had to be something bloody and hella evil. I really want this issue revisited it. I feel like it has to be; you can't just blatantly build up to it and do it and be conflicted and then just move on.

"Wee little puppet man."

And he still goes through glass, even as a puppet.

"Yes, I'm a puppet. That doesn't mean you don't still have work to do."

We never did find out who towel-head guy is.

The exploding light? Exactly the same as alien abductions on The X-Files.

Oh, the guy is a "puppet" -- didn't actually see that coming, figured he was just brainwashed or whatever. Kinda disturbing moment when he pulled his hand out of the back.

Wow, i think that was more profanity than on the entire season up to that point. (Yes, Spike does swear a fair amount, but it almost doesn't count as it's British.) Jackass? Asshole? Have they ever said those words on this show?

"The life force of those kids is pure innocence. You know what kinda weight that carries in Hell? We could build our own Hades."


And the dog being committed to a certain level of quality edutainment even as they're sucking the life forces out of children. :) As M. pointed out, ME is saying something about children's programming, though we're not entirely sure what. I mean, there's Fred and Wes watching the video and Wes says "Maybe it's the lack of sleep talking, but I'm beginning to actually like this show," and Fred agrees, giggling, and Knox tells them it's 4am and we realize they have been watching the same half-hour tape for what, 12 hours?

"Please let me die."

Okay, no one is allowed to say "Talk to the hand" for the next few days or i will be traumatized. The suddennes and violence of that scene disturbed the fuck out of me.

(Framkin was played by David Fury, btw.)

"Not looking for. Looking at."
And all 4 of us screamed all at once. Because we are such girls.

And Angel speechifying while Nina turns into a werewolf while he's oblivious. Tee.

LOVED Fred leading the gang out of the office. Damn, it's been so long since we've had that power shot with the slo-mo. And then puppet!Angel with the sword.

When Angel showed up on the set with the sword? That was hot.

Fred holding the smoking gun was also hot.

"Self-esteem is good for you."

"Not nearly clear enough."

And all of fandom pokes their eyes out with sporks. I actually like them as a couple, though.

Of course, then there's the preview for next week. (Holla, Eve's back.) An episode written and directed by Joss. We know couples never get to be happy for very long in his world. Would he really kill off the only strong female character he has left? I'd really rather not dwell on speculating, actually, and no you can not spoil me.

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