Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

The newest kerfuffle is homophobic slashers. Of course i think it’s ridiculous to say “I want to get off on imagining this kind of sex, but anyone who actually does that kind of sex is bad for doing it.” Many people have pointed out that many slashers read fic with stuff like non-con that they definitely don’t think is okay in real life but still get off on in fic, and that argument gives me pause because it's something i have struggled with and haven't resolved. I understand people’s gut reactions against equating homosexuality with, say, rape, but i would still like to see someone actually take on the argument.

When i fic non-con, it always becomes consensual, even if it’s just “I hate you, but you’ve made me so hot that i need release even if it’s from you,” and i think that’s because i need mutual desire for it to be attractive to me. But i know how close this stuff is to rape, and it has always made me uncomfortable because i know it’s something i would condemn in reality but here i am getting off on it. Mostly i get to avoid the issue because it’s usually extreme BDSM stuff, not actual non-con, but i still haven’t resolved the issue.

I think incest can be a really interesting dynamic, and as long as it’s consensual (and yes i know there are so many power dynamics inherent in family structure alone, nevermind the age factor) i have no problem with it in fic or in real life.

And i don’t find bestiality (werewolf!sex does not count) hot.

So there, i’ve covered the unholy trinity of pr0n.

I’ve had mostly-finished LJ entries of substance languishing on my computer, so the plan is to finish those tonight (so then i’m just left with the really unfinished ones ;) ) and write a Week Update and then go to bed so i can be hella productive this weekend in terms of school stuff. *eyes assignment stack warily*

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