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"Does this remind us of anyone else we’ve encountered today? Besides Bruce Springsteen." -mt

Marian, Susan M., Stephanie, and Virada were talking about Star Trek at dinner on Tuesday. Virada had seen a Trekkies documentary and we were talking about the character of Uhura, and she said that at one point Nichelle Nichols had wanted to quit, because her role was essentially answering the phone or whatever, but she got a letter from a fan, saying that she had watched the show and it was the first time she had seen a black woman on screen “who wasn’t no maid.” It was signed Whoopi Goldberg, and that’s why Whoopi got a role on TNG. I thought that was cool.

I forgot that Rally Day (classes cancelled) means brunch instead of lunch. Hash browns make me happy. I went to work in the afternoon and mostly did homework, which was fine by me.

I went to the Rally Day show and was underwhelmed. Maybe it’s because it’s my 3rd year and the gist of the skits is always the same and i’ve seen them done better in the past.

Nora: “At least the people living with AIDS got my $2. That’s what keeps me going.”

[The proceeds from the admission price to the Rally Day show goes to a different cause every year, and this year it was people living with AIDS.]

Jenn IMed me at 7:13 tonight: "i would like to put a request in... that the norwood library stay open really late!!!" *g*

"Maybe this will become a cool thing... Living with your parents."
"Yeah, and then maybe baldness will catch on. Things will all be turning your way."
- George and Jerrie, in "The Raincoats"

She and Linda are going to visit Zubes in London for Spring Break.

Sometimes i miss being in ye olde loope.

This week seemed a lot more interesting while it was happening.

Oh, and there was the poetry reading Tuesday night.

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers and Tim Seibles.

Honorée went first. Her introduction was like 10 minutes long. I hate effusive introductions like that, because no one ever lives up to them. I want to grow up to deserve such an introduction, but i never want to actually be given such a one.

Allie and i talked during this week at some point about favorite poets. I really don't have any. In part because when i seek out poetry i seek out themed anthologies. Also because even poets who write stuff i really like, also write stuff i am underwhelmed by. This is true of most everyone, but i haven't found many poets of whom i can say "I love almost everything they have done" as i can of some prose writers.

Anyway, some of Honorée's stuff was really good (though she did not live up to the many praises Ellen quoted) but i was mostly underwhelmed. Ditto Tim.

One of the poems Honorée started with was a letter from a man to his wife, during some uprising, and he writes "Ask our God for mercy -- ask for guns and bullets, too," and i liked that a lot.

She talked about the Brer Rabbit tales, and i actually remember growing up with those. She said the guy who recorded them (but who did not write them) got it wrong, said "Burr" when really it's "Bruh" (like the first syllable of "brother," duh). I remember it being pronounced "Brer," kinda like a slurring of "briar."

I really liked one of Tim's early (and longest) poems, "Vision." One of the best parts was the comparison of September to a friend leaning against your screen door, a friend you don't really want to see but who catches your eye and waves and lets themself in anyway.

One of his poems was entitled "To Handsome George" [here's a link, though it lacks the epigraph, which i neglected to jot down -- i want to say it was Kahlil Gibran, maybe Rumi, something about "the emperor is crowned" but i can't find it] and i admit i giggled at parts of the beginning ("I'm like a chipmunk snarling at an avalanche, like a dragonfly slamming its sharp beak into the wilding steel of an eighteen-wheeler. I hate to throw my weight around-- flipping trucks, turning back half a mountain of marauding stone") but i couldn't help thinking, as it went along, "Do you think there are no Republicans here? Do you think Republicans don't come to poetry readings?"

His poem "Natasha under a mellow moon" or whatever it was, is best cartoon!fic ever.

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