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Dead Poets Society was today's tea movie. I love that movie so much. It's so sad to watch it knowing what's going to happen, though. Like the first time they stand on the desks -- oh so bittersweet. I always forget that there's more to the movie after the suicide, though. In my mind that's always where the movie basically ends. I cried for 45 minutes straight after it ended the second time i saw this movie, but watching it today (my third time) i realized that the suicide wasn't (all of) the reason. It's the amazing ending. I was teary through much of the movie this time, and only cried a little at the very end.

I think Charlie Dalton is one of those people whom in real life i would find so obnoxious and full-of-themself but in the movie you've gotta love him. Each time i forget how much i hate Cameron. Robin Williams is so great, and i think John Keating is my favorite of all his roles.

It's interesting. After they are dismissed from the all-school meeting where Nawanda gets a phone call from God, all of us on the couch simultaneously checked our watches -- exactly the same arm movement and everything. Very weird. The movie is just downhill from there. It's still good, of course, but from there on out it's sad. Actually, it starts in the previous scene, where Knox gets drunk at the party with Chris and Chett. That's the first scene i don't like watching, and that's the beginning of them seizing the moment with serious consequences. I had forgotten how well it ends, though. I mean, it's very triumphant in a way. Very coming-of-age. They have all come of age.

Sidenote: yay for imdb.com for helping me place where i knew the actor who played Mr. Nolan from (the TV show 7 Days).

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