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Well today was a grand day for getting any work done. (sarcasm) Ann Musser wanted me to help with a mailing, but it would have taken 10 minutes to explain and she didn't have a spare moment. Nancy Rich had wanted me to continue work on a database or something, but she, too, was too busy to be able to explain the project to me. Stacey wanted me to help her count money (which is one of my favorite project-y things) but for various reasons (including, i think, the fact that i was gonna be doing work for Ann Musser) i couldn't. And Ann Johnson wanted me to do a GroupWise address book group for Suzannah, but none of the passwords worked, so i couldn't. So i got all the filing and photocopying done and read 20 pages of Clarissa.

I enjoy the fact that there's a big ole banner in N-G archway encouraging people to vote in tomorrow's primaries. I don't want any of them to win from what i know and have been too lazy to do more research, so i won't be voting. Yes, i fully expect lilithchilde to beat me up tomorrow.
Self Injury Awareness Panel

Confused about self injury? Come to this panel and separate the myths from the facts! Speakers on this panel include students who self injure, students who have done so in the past, and allies. Help raise awareness about this misunderstood issue!

The panel will be held on Tuesday, March 2, in Seelye room 109, beginning at 4:30pm.
I would love to go (wanting to get better educated and be supportive and all that) but i'm not missing my UMass class and meeting samfeasor, with less than 24 hours notice to boot. Despite my phear that it will end up feeling like every perzine i have ever read, it sounds like it has the potential to be amazing, but with the short notice and the meeting samfeasor and all... yeah, i'm gonna regret not going, but it takes a lot to make me miss class. I should find out from Connie who's doing it (i saw a flyer for a Feb. 12 thing sponsored by Healthy Heads) 'cause i'd definitely like to get involved as an ally (and it dovetails nicely with my work with Bodywise).

(The fact that the item directly below that, and thus not immediately identifiable as a separate item is "Photo exhibition: Difference: SELF, LOVE AND PHOTOGRAPHY" is, well, interesting.)

Generally my reaction to this sort of thing is a fairly flip "Oh boy! Another awareness day/week/month! Bet Smith's having a vigil/dinner/panel/dinging/moment of silence/moment of zen/chalking/rave/orgy/ani difranco concert/rave about it somewhere, so where and when?"

Links i've seen posted (though i haven't checked them out yet):

Also, fox1013 created si_pact (PACT = Prevention, Awareness, Communication, and Treatment).

[And on a totally trivial note, i've had a fragment of a song stuck in my head and can't place it and Google has been unhelpful. "Oh my love I have been betrayed (deceived?)..." Anyone?]

Edit: I remembered; it's Greg Greenway. And looking through my CDs it's from "I Have Been Betrayed": "Oh, my love, I have been betrayed / by the thoughts I think, / by the words I say / Oh, my love, I have been deceived / by the war raging inside of me."

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