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Angel 5.15, "A Hole in the World"

Original US airdate: February 25, 2003

Written and directed by Joss Whedon.

I am so very behind on mutant_allies. One of these days i will catch up. I hear this week’s Angel episode is the last first-run for 5 weeks, so that gives me time to catch-up on all the stuff people have said on the last few episodes.

For now, here are my thoughts on "A Hole in the World," mostly untouched by other people’s reactions.

On Ash Wednesday we have:
  • A worthy one chosen but not asked.
  • A god born from a human.
  • Sacrificing one to save the many.
There must be links on mutant_allies discussing all that in great depth.

According to Angel’s Acolyte, Fred’s stuffed bunny, Feigenbaum, the Master of Chaos, is named for Mitchell Feigenbaum, “who deduced a constant instrumental in calculating how far the outcomes of a formula might diverge given only a minor difference in input. This was significant in the development of chaos theory.”

Cavemen or Astronauts? For the record, i totally voted Cavemen from the beginning. Again, someone probably has a wonderful entry on this theme.

So Fred and Wes were much with teh schmoop. I was less interested in and almost disliked the ‘ship this episode. I think my non-engagement had to do with the over-the-top-ness of it; it was almost unreal. Also, tension is what is interesting, even in happy relationships. (Clearly lack of tension is good for those in a relationship, it just doesn’t make for interesting television.)

With all the over-the-top happiness i should have called “Seeing Red.” I mean, we knew from the promos that Fred was gonna come at least near death, but i should have called the obvious parallel; i just didn’t think of it.

Wes loved Fred before he met her? This made me sing Savage Garden but honestly, i’ve never been entirely comfortable with that song because the whole idea weirds me out (and we really don't need to get into that here) and it makes his relationship with Lilah even more fucked up. Can't you love someone deeply, intensely, truly, without it having to be a "You are the only good thing that has ever happened to me... my entire life has led up to this... blah blah blah"? 'Cause that's over-the-top and creepy and generally not true.

“Are you trying to turn me on?” Honestly, i’m not squicked by that line. Incidentally, jennyo had a conversation about "Billy" (3.06) over in her LiveJournal and mention was made of Lilah saying that line to Cordelia in "Calvary" (4.12).

Wes was much less dark in this episode than he has been in the past (read: last season). And yet, with the leg shooting. Why is it all about saving the one? Hello, “The Gift.” I was glad that they made the right choice. I was thinking after it was over that there wasn’t the opportunity for the same angst as with Jasmine-Cordelia (i.e. must kill the beloved with one’s own hands) but then later i was thinking, Knox told Wes that Fred was the vessel to bring an Old One into the world. Now, we didn’t really know much about this Old One -- i.e. how evil or not it was, but what if he had known it was evil? Would he have killed Fred to prevent it escaping? (Though not knowing exactly what was going on with Angel and Spike, it would have been easy for him to just hope that they fixed it and made it a moot point.) I think, if he knew that Angel and Spike couldn’t save her, that if he thought what would be released would be evil, he would have killed Fred to prevent it. (And again with “The Gift.” I mean, she was gonna die regardless, you’re just choosing whether to save the world or not, or to at least save yourselves from yet another fight.) I mean, he beheaded Lilah. And he stole Connor, though he doesn’t remember that. And at some point everyone needs to find about the whole Connor story, preferably by having their memories restored, so we don’t have any Angel sugarcoating or anything.

Gunn singing “Three Little Maids from School Are We” was a blatant reminder of the recent deal he made (since the previous episodes have included a scene early on with him floundering), so i should have expected that the “ancient curio” held up in customs would come into play, given that at the time i called that it would come into play later.

“If you hurt her, i will kill you.” -Gunn to Wes

Knox called Fred “It.” There must be an interesting entry already written about Fred-as-object. I loved her whole “I am not a damsel in distress,” the reference to Pylea (!), her insistence on trying to work.

Wow, Knox’s speech about all the things that needed to be set in motion, the eons of planning, the many players, was so very deja vu of Skip in "Inside Out" (4.17). scrollgirl has the quotes from "Inside Out." Clearly we were all dejaing that vu with the whole gestating god inside a beloved female character.

“I lost Cordelia.” Foreshadowing how he’s going to lose Fred (not just that he’s going to lose her, but how). Will be interesting to see how he deals with Illyria given the whole redux thing.

During the episode i thought they were saying Lyria or Deliria, but it’s Illyria.
VIOLA: What country, friend, is this?
CAPTAIN: This is Illyria, lady.
VIOLA: And what should I do in Illyria? My brother he is in Elysium.
-the opening of Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 2
Lorne reads Fred! Loved that bit.

Lorne threatens Eve! Wow with the angry darkness. (“If i had your future, I would make like Carmen Miranda. And die!”) Seems W&H is even darkening up him. We’ve seen him upset and even pissed at people (hello, destruction of Caritas) but this was far more.

Eve sang "L.A." which was written by David Greenwalt and sung by Christian Kane in "Dead End" (2.18). (I forget on which site i found that info.)

“The Senior Partners are not there for your convenience.” So true. I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about just what the Senior Partner are all about.

And how did they get the Conduit back anyway? It was a howling abyss in “Destiny” (5.08) and in “Why We Fight” (5.13) Gunn says: “Well, the white room's empty. Our liaison to the senior partners has vanished. It's hard getting information anymore. We may be able to establish a new liaison through a— (stutters) uh through a protocol.... (shakes his head) Uh, sorry. Must be tired. Um... we've got options. I'll get on it.” [Thanks to BuffyWorld.com for the transcript.] I’ll accept the gloss-over, since "Why We Fight" implied that they had some means towards a solution, i’m just interested to see if we get more of an explanation later on.

And of course when he said “You want someone else—a life for hers—you'll get it. You can have mine,” i called the “Already do.” I mean, he’s law-guy; he should know that better than anyone else.

I already mentioned that i liked proactive!Fred. I also liked the whole “Do not go gentle into that good night” thing with the whole “It hurts my eyes, but the pain keeps me aware, awake, alive.” And i liked the whole "Read to me.... It can be any book in the world."

I called The Little Princess (Frances Hodgson Burnett) at the first line of the reading! (I love that book.)

"She was such a little girl that one did not expect to see such a look on her small face. It would have been an old look for a child of twelve, and Sara Crewe was only seven. The fact was, however, that she was always dreaming and thinking odd things and could not herself remember any time when she had not been thinking things about grown-up people and the world they belonged to. She felt as if she had lived a long, long time."

Kathy, you weren’t the only one who thought of Thomas the Rhymer when we met Drogyn.

Spike’s speech felt mostly gratuitous (i mean okay, if you didn’t know the episode title you wouldn’t have gotten the double meaning of the literal hole in the world and the “Now there’s a hole in the world, because Winifred Burkle is gone.”) but there was something poignant about the ending line: "Feels like we ought to have known."

Illyria reminds me of Mystique (X-Men).

Promo: “Because i look like her” Why am i deja vu-ing?

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