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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

the snow has been falling lightly nearly all day

Bugger. Totally had 7:30 in my head, but book study starts at 7. I stayed about a half an hour afterward talking with Rich-from-Sharon(!) and Edwards-Church-Peter, so that was good. One of these days there will be theology posts again. *sighs*

Got about 75 pages read during work today.
A woman going away with a woman is not so discreditable a thing, surely! and with no view but to avoid the fellows!
LJ has a new human-testing anonymous comments thing and i suggested my father just get an LJ. He says: "That's looking more and more like the thing to do, though I'd have to learn to live with the guilt of not maintaining it sufficiently."

Dinner tonight was some of the best conversations. (Lunch had been lots of fun talk about summer camp and kids’ names. Tiramisu and Abraham [nickname Raham] Cook, anyone?)

Susan had been recently talking to an ex-boyfriend recently. “Is this tomato soup guy?” Annie asked. No, different ex. But of course this means we get the story about tomato soup guy: “You’re like tomato soup. I really like tomato soup, but if I had to have it every day, I would get tired of it. And Chicken Noodle is just throwing herself at me.”

Anyway, so this ex is gonna be moving to San Francisco to be a magician, and he has a website which has a really good picture of him on the front. “So you feel like Chicken Noodle tonight?” “No. Actually i think Chicken Noodle is gay.”

Marian and Jen argued with me about the Midwest vs. New England (because Susan is going to New Orleans over Spring Break and called it a foreign country, because clearly we Yankees have complexes).

I learned (thanks to Marian) that New England actually wasn’t originally part of this continent. The Appalachians are where it slammed into the continent.

Marian, Jen, and i all go back to the Mayflower, so our fathers 20(?) generations back probably knew each other. Weird.

Someone was talking about Micki Glazer and how cute and parental he is and said “He’s like a daddy.” Earlier today i found out about the Dirty!Sexual!kink ficathon, formerly known as the Daddy!kinkathon, so yeah. I mean, she didn't mean it like that at all, i just have a bad brain.

Speaking of, i am refusing to sign up for any more ficathons until i have finished my fic for the one that’s due Wednesday. And susiebabylon will be pleased to know that some of them will involve girlparts.

Oh, and clearly there has already been Wes/Illyria written:
by _green_ and by ascian3 (and probably others i haven’t heard about)

Must study econ now.

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