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aw, fuck

So Jonah and i are going in to the MFA tomorrow. He's working in Boston until 2 so since there's a train that gets me in to Ruggles at 2:55 we're gonna meet in front of the MFA around 3:15. He says he can stay until 7 or 8. I think this is great, especially since it is supposed to be 90 again tomorrow. My mom gave me her membership card (which admits the bearer and a guest free) and asked if i knew when it closed. I said i had no idea. I wasn't worried, though. I've been in there Wednesday nights. Just to be sure i look up the hours online.
Monday and Tuesday
10 am–4:45 pm

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
10 am–9:45 pm

Aw, fuck. It's too late to call him, so i guess we'll just have a very brief MFA excursion. Perhaps we'll do more Boston wandering. And me without a T-Pass. Sigh.

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