Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Dude, there should be rules against giving someone, as a ficathon assignment, the same pairing that person requested for said ficathon.

Also, i continue to be amused by the posts of mine which receive comment flurries versus those that get minimal response.

Anyway, my brother came to Northampton via Connecticut, but that did mean we got to partake of the food i have already paid for and i got Gillian-hugs.

Came home to a nicely wintery world, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, and mail including Ani's resolution sampler and a brochure for "A Fortnight in Oxford: Alumni travel study program," which is even more obscenely expensive than the regular program, so thankfully none of the study programs appeal to me.

Saw the premiere of Wonderfalls tonight. Am madly in love (though with the distance of a few hours i can say "Well, this was flawed" and so on -- because clearly nothing is uncomplicated). Tim Minear's one of the executive producers, so i know there's a built-in fandom. I had seen stuff about the glowing advance publicity on f2 [/friendsfriends] previously but didn't have plans to watch it. (Not having a TV of my own makes watching any generally more hassle than it's worth, plus there's my obvious lack of time and my tendency to get obsessive, so i have been avoiding checking out any of the appealling looking new shows since i got to college -- excepting Firefly, of course, because Joss owns me.) Mostly i want a transcript site ('cause hello, every other line tonight was quotable), but icons and chat boards [intelligent ones] would be of the good as well.

Will watch Tru Calling for the first time this week.

Has anyone else gotten that phone message that purports to be Mel Gibson thanking you for your support of his movie? 'Cause my family has. Amusing stuff.

Have been wanting new icons, but i can't think of what i want. Have decided i want a better version of this icon for one.

And i think that's it in terms of updates. Anyone in the Boston area who wants to see me this week, be in touch.

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