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And she’s back. (And glad of it, too.)

Clearly i should just live in Al-Cap, as i did the “I already have my food but am following So-and-So through the line” what, 3 times? Was amused (though not all that surprised) that susiebabylon’s greeting was something along the lines of “Wow you update LiveJournal a lot when you’re home on vacation” (only you were slightly more tactless, dear ;P).

Saw fewer people than hoped over the Break, but made it through a week in the ‘Wood without being accosted by any creepy middle-aged men, so i call it a win. (Though i did get the requisite “You look great; you’ve lost weight” from one of the nice ladies at the library.) My mother says perhaps i’m losing that vulnerable, almost-adult look. I am very okay with this.

Speaking of (I turn 21 this summer.), i still don’t know where my passport got to, and the Internet has been less than forthcoming with the information one must provide in order to obtain a Massachusetts non-driver ID. Also, Terry says more places are insisting on driver’s licenses rather than state IDs since the latter are so easily forgeable. Anyone have knowledge about either of these?

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