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more fiascos in Boston-traveling

Well it started out well enough. Chatted with Mr. Carver (my former calculus teacher, who’s a great guy) on the way in (he was meeting his wife for dinner in Harvard Square). Oops, the 2:30 doesn’t stop at Ruggles. I need to learn how to read a schedule. I was fairly certain there was a bus that went from Back Bay to the MFA, but i wasn’t entirely sure, so i decided to just go the way i knew -- South Station, Red Line to Park Street, Green Line to MFA. (My mother told me tonight that there’s only one bus line that goes out of Back Bay and it does indeed stop at the MFA.) So i was only 10 minutes late. It still took us a while to find each other because he had gone in the side entrance (which is really the main entrance, it’s just the side of the building) while we had planned to meet “in front of the museum.”

We basically wandered around. African, ancient Egyptian, colonial metalwork, some European paintings. Jonah wanted to look at the Contemporary Art, but it was closed. Oddly, a number of galleries were closed. It’s rare that even one is closed, so i was confused. On our way out we learned that they are planning to add a new wing, but i’m not sure if that’s related. We stumbled here (I want to know what it takes to become cool enough to make weird paintings and tell people that they need to enter into the paintings and create their own narratives.) and then here (although we didn’t quite get to finish that as the museum was closing), though, so it was all good.

After we left the museum we debated what to do next. Jonah said there was a nice Au Bon Pain right outside Back Bay that we could have dinner at. We could take the Green Line (right across the street) to Downtown Crossing, then take the Orange Line to Back Bay. Jonah said the 39 bus went right to Back Bay. I wasn’t sure exactly where the MFA bus stop was, though, and it was raining. We saw a 39 bus, though, moving very slowly because of the horrendous traffic, and i spotted a T sign, so we decided to take the bus. We got on the very crowded bus and i wondered (silently) if this was the right direction. I have such a horrible sense of direction, though. It also occurred to me that it was 5:05 and, duh, rush hour. I’m never in the city at rush hour, though, so it didn’t occur to me to take this into account. So we’re going and we pass the familiar stops and then it starts looking unfamiliar. We pass Mission Park and i know we must be going in the wrong direction. (Yes, my friend Jonah is not exactly a public transportation pro.) This nice woman next to us says yes, this bus is going to Jamaica Plain. So we get off at the next stop (Heath St.) and wait for a bus. Approximately 15 minutes later, after 7 buses and 2 trolleys have passed us in the wrong direction, an equally crowded bus comes. Eventually we get to Back Bay, or the stop right before it, or something. We eat at Au Bon Pain Choices, this buffet place, which is fine and all, but i prefer regular Au Bon Pain with its fruit cup and cinnamon buns and such. We hang out in this bookshop and finally head to Back Bay. I know i have been in this building before, and as we exit i realize where we are. We’re right across the street from Back Bay, we just came in the opposite side from where i’m used to.

So that was Boston today. We had a good time, though, despite everything, and Jonah still maintains that he had fun on our last excursion as well.
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