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(No, i haven't finished my paper yet. Why do you ask?)

obsessedmuch proposed a ficathon for people who wrote for a ficathon and didn’t get anything back, and a commenter mentioned people not even giving you a “Thanks for the effort” when you write them stuff for ficathons, so of course i felt like shit because i keep thinking i should say something nice to doyle_sb4 for the Giles/Ethan she wrote me, because it is very good, but i suck at commenting unless i really love something (or unless someone specifically asks for feedback, in which case i try to give detailed commentary) so i went and posted a comment. I get all pouty when no one comments on my stuff (and i also thus assume it sucks and just no one wants to say so) so one might think i would be more conscientious about commenting on stuff people write for me, but no.

Poll #270000 obligatory recognition?

Is a person obligated to leave a comment on a fic written for them, even if just to say “Thanks for the effort?”?


That said, people should go read my fic and give me feedback. Yes.

scrollgirl: turns out the fic i was thinking of that my friend wrote was a Buffy/Faith/Tara she never finished. In talking to her i remembered a Faith/Tara fic i had read that was part of Secret Slasha 2003. It’s here. I also looked in the past years and there’s a 2002 and a 2001, neither of which I have read. I did a Google search for the pairing, too, and, not looking past the first page, got:Destined to become a reference librarian? Who, me? (And yes, of course i could have just sent this to Scroll, but why not share the knowledge?)

In other news...
Damn, lyric wheel is worse than original flashficathon in terms of time in which to write fic. Of course, this relieves some of the pressure of possible suckage. My Illyria sounds like Seven of Nine, which makes sense given that i was totally feeling that when watching her. The character i need her to be having a conversation with doesn’t exist in this ‘verse, but Lorne is the closest one, so that’s who it is, but he is sounding so out of character, because i’m trying to make him a character he’s not. The closest to what i want would probably be Wes, but that doesn’t work because there’s the additional dynamic of her being in Fred’s body. It really should be Giles, but of course that can’t happen because of the recent canon, which would require pages and pages to write him out of. Le sigh.

Also, *loves on jacklemmon*

Oh, i read King & King this weekend. Love the story, but the illustrations are ass-ugly. *pouts that none of the libraries have the sequel yet*

Dude, i know some of you valley_slash ladies liked Catcher in the Rye. *decides the nice ladies have her friended on a filter they don’t actually read* I swear some of you mentioned it. Go forth and comment. Tell your friends.

Nikki: What’s clotted cream?
Virada: It’s like if whipped cream and butter had really really good sex.

Oh, it occurs to me that since Room Draw is this Wednesday, that puts Velvet Goldmine as a no go. At this rate i really will get to read Dorian Grey before i see this movie :)
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