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Friday night

One day someone is going to Google one of these professors and find this entry and i will be in trouble.

Many thanks to hedy for guestlisting me and lilithchilde. Welseyan’s improv group (Desperate Measures) performed at my house’s cocktail party and i hear they were very good, but i’m not sure i would have missed the band performance for anything. Also, thank you muchly for the photos.

lilithchilde and i were lounging on a couch while people were still setting up and Michael came up to us and said, “I’m gonna be standing right there, [gesturing to the floor directly in front of me] so unless you wanna look at my behind the whole time.” “Say nothing,” i hissed to lilithchilde as we moved the couch, and impressively she even managed to keep a straight face until he left. Honestly, i much prefer looking at the fronts of people. (Though if he had taken Alice’s suggestion of leather pants....) It had occurred to me while we first sitting, that sitting so close to the amps could quite possibly be a bad idea, and so it was. Partially in terms of viewing and also in terms of being able to actually discern the words anyone was singing. Interesting contrast to when i heard The Ponys and during one song tried to see how many of the instruments (guitar, drum, theremin, xylophone) i could keep my mind focused on at once since each was very distinct and discernible.

Alex Keller did most of the singing and seemed decent, though i really couldn’t tell since, like i said, sitting near the amps. She opened the concert saying, “This is about Smith.” Yup, this fine institution is all about watching your professors covering punk songs ;) She was very into the vamping it up act and i was like, “Stop flirting with my professor.”

At one point they had to stop because one of them was out of tune and Michael said, “Our next band name could be Tuning Rozario.” And later he and Kevin Rozario were both singing into the same microphone and clearly faces near each other scream slash to me.

Talking with me later, hedy said, “I forget that your boundaries are Buffy fucking a tree.” (I thought of this.)

Their current band name is The Distractions, which is okay, but really, one expects more from people with PhDs, no? They all also had faux names, none of which i remember except Michael’s: Subcommandante Trixie. “That’s a long story. Two in fact. Which one day i won’t tell you.”

Floyd’s a good drummer.

We made them do an encore: “But seriously folks,” Alex said, “This is the last song we know.” She also said “It’s the only gay trucking song we know,” and lilithchilde and i just looked at each other. Michael said it’s about angeldust. Googling, i think it was “2-4-6-8 Motorway” by Tom Robinson Band (as i said, hard to make out actual words).

Floyd’s daughter Claire and a little blond girl whose parents i didn’t recognize were bouncing on a footstool while the band played. [Clearly someone needs to write fic about two little girls who grow up playing together as their daddies play music together and become lesbian lovers as teenagers.]

After the show, Allie was talking to Michael about all the pop culture references he makes and how it makes her happy and of course she has to explain them to me. He turned to me and said, “Pop culture to you is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Pretty much :)

One of the Chapinites came back shortly before i left and said “You’re still here,” since everyone else had vacated the living room. When i left at 12:25, “Baby Got Back” was blaring from a full of people campus center, which was kind of a jolt. And as i headed to my room, people were asking other people in my hall to please keep the noise down.
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