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So, i'm at Hampshire library. Clearly i should be doing my econ homework, but i don't want to, so i'm updating LiveJournal because i do want to do that and then i won't have any excuses to not do work (other than tired and headache) when i do get home, since i will have finally posted the amusing anecdotes from Tuesday.

Michael talked about spending lots of time in the Smith College garden just looking at the plants and the people because his daughters have a hideout there were no men are allowed :)

We talked about the language in some poem and i said that "behold" was Biblical, used about God, and pushing for more he asked "What about Her?"

I enjoy the vast amount of gayness. Talking about someone, Doug said he had gotten in trouble "for having too public an affair with a younger male cousin" and then in Betsey's class, talking about Jean Marais in the Cocteau Beauty and the Beast said, casually, that he was Cocteau's boyfriend.

That was also the day Doug told us he had gotten back late from a favorite neice's wedding in New York and was teaching class hungover for the first time in many years. He said he had been tempted to not come back, and because of course i'm that bitch i lightheartedly said we wouldn't have minded, that i for one would have gotten a nice nap. But then i invited him to student-faculty tea on behalf of myself and a bunch of my housemates.

Betsey also talked about the Disney film and how in many ways it becomes about the Beast rather than about Beauty. She also talked about Gaston and the Beast and the fight and what some people might call homosocial bonding and i muttered "triangulation of desire" and Allie gave me a look and i assured her i wasn't interested in writing Gaston/Beast slash. A pseudo-prohibition always makes me wanna actually do stuff, though, but i think like Rozario, this won't happen.

Okay, other updatey stuff.

Seem to be forcing my body into that "no, you're not going to get any sleep, just deal with it" mode. Fell asleep near the end of Michael's class today (and opted out of the curricular review luncheon) but have otherwise been well awake.

Doug talked about a school of reasoning based on "what if" propositions, and one was what if a house containing Voltaire and your wife was on fire and you could only save one of them and he said that someone had done a geometry proof that you had to save Voltaire. "How old is this Voltaire?" i piped up. Doug said Voltaire had been long dead at the time of this hypothetical. "I mean, is this baby Voltaire? Because if he's already written everything, then you don't need to save him because we already have everything." Doug approvingly called me a casuist and guessed (incorrectly) that i had taken a moral theology course at some point

I had been planning on writing my Robinson Crusoe paper on all the inconsistencies in Defoe's narrative, but as i actually engaged with the text i found that a lot of the religious stuff actually made sense, so i ended up using Gildon's piece a model to counter point by point. Got my paper back today. The first page included a note: "Round #1: Sweeny - 1. Gildon - 0" and continued for 3 rounds, with the 4th page including a note "I think you have this just exactly right (It's time to stop keeping score)" and the note below my grade at the end said "Game, set, match --- so much for Gildon." I heart my advisor :) The end of his note was reminiscent of the last time i took a class with him. In 170 i did very good work at the beginning of the semester and then slacked off a bit at the end as i had pressure from other classes as well. On this paper he mentioned that i can write good papers with relative ease and thus don't strain to do the best work i possibly can. "It's of course hard to complain when you write papers that deserve A's, but still... how about a final paper that's a slam-dunk A+?" This makes me sad because hi, i'm kinda drowning in work and am not even interested in the stuff we're reading. I hate disappointing professors.

"One can't build white picket fences to keep out the nightmares." -Anne Sexton

Daily dose of "the world it is small": Danne/Laura-from-Russian-class knows Alex-the-UMass-TA who knows Sam-at-Northeastern, and i know all their LJ names, too.

The bus driver on the way over here had NPR's "All Things Considered" on. Navou! I've been to that tourist town :) [edit: Nauvoo]

It was occurring to me last night that i have been too tired/busy to read about politics and that given the busyness and everythng, the opting out of engaging with political issues is probably a good idea. So i think skipping Dean Spade (though hedy, you need to write up an entry for me and Allie) will be a good idea (though i'll probably go to the screening of Toilet Training). Also, am avoiding all the SGA threads on the Jolt. "I'm not voting for Shawn because it's important to me to always be saying 'she'' when i talk about the SGA President" makes me wish i had gone to a co-ed school.

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