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forgotten yesterday

from Anne Sexton’s “Rapunzel”:

A woman
who loves a woman
is forever young.
The mentor
and the student
feed off each other.
Many a girl
has an old aunt
who locked her in the study
to keep the boys away.
They would play rummy
or lie on the couch
and touch and touch.
Old breast against young breast . . .


Put your pale arms around my neck.
Let me hold your heart like a flower
lest it bloom and collapse.
Give me your skin
as sheer as a cobweb,
let me open it up
and listen in and scoop out the dark.
Give me your nether lips
and I will give you angel fire in return.


What is this beast, she thought,
with muscles on his arms
like a bag of snakes?
What is this moss on his legs?
What prickly plant grows on his cheeks?
What is this voice as deep as a dog?
Yet he dazzled her with his answers.
Yet he dazzled her with his dancing stick.
They lay together upon the yellow threads,
swimming through the,
like minnows through kelp
and they sang out benedictions like the Pope.

“You okay? You look spacey.”
“I’m just thinking about lesbian sex.”
“Ah, I’ll let you get back to that then. Apologies for interrupting.”
“It’s okay. I have to go read about Rwandan genocide now.”

In Tuesday’s UMass class, we watched part of a movie about Hans Christian Andersen (which, shock, was deeply inaccurate) and it has Andersen as this storyteller with a bunch of kids and he has a doll that’s going to be a queen but he doesn’t have a dress for it so he decides to make it a king instead and just draw a moustache on it. One of the little boys says it isn’t a king, is a queen with a moustache, and Andersen replies, “You’d be surprised how many kings are just a queen with a moustache.”

In a reading for Thursday, Jack Zipes quotes an 1838 letter from Andersen to his adopted brother Eduard Collin:
I’m longing for you, indeed, I’m longing for you as if you were a lovely Calabrian girl with dark blue eyes and a glance of passionate flames. I’ve never had a brother, but if I had I could not have loved him the way I love you, and yet – you do not reciprocate my feelings! This affects me painfully or maybe this is in fact what binds me even more firmly to you. My soul is proud, the soul of a prince cannot be prouder. [...] Oh, I wish to God that you were poor and I rich, distinguished, a nobleman. In that case I should initiate you into the mysteries, and you would appreciate me more than you do now. Oh! If there is an eternal life, as indeed there must be, then we shall truly understand and appreciate one another. Then I shall no longer be the poor person in need of kind interest and friends, then we shall be equal.

Michael says they’re learning gonna play at the English Department end of semester picnic, so i’m hoping this means said picnic is happening for sure.

"Video games have long allowed players to experiment with new and often taboo identities."

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