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"1 2 3 Nothing's for free / 4 5 6 Pick up the sticks and go home."


Saturday night: 6+ hours talking with Emma (and Liz). New record. Of course this would be the weekend when i have oh so much work to do. But i had decided on a poem/critic for the Michael paper and gotten more of a direction for the Ethan fic earlier that day, so stuff felt more doable.

Sunday brunch: 2½ hours talking with Emma, then Gay Sarah, then Gillian.

susiebabylon told me she had been having lots of R-rated fun in recent dreams, and that the previous night i got to be part of that. Good to know i’m getting action on some plane, right?

The First Churches Easter bulletins had kids’ drawings on the front. Mine had a winged Jesus emerging from an egg.

The other day someone was talking about the SGA President election and mentioned Lauren Wolfe and i said no, she’s running for Senior Class President, so i’m not even eligible to vote against her. Duh, i’m going to be a senior; it’s my class that’s voting on that. *rolls eyes at self* I respect her in some ways, but i don’t wanna vote for her. However, i’m not all that enamoured of her competition (whom i only know through that website) either. Le sigh.

Back to SGA President... is it bad that involvement in Grassroots makes me want to not vote for you? Oh, wait, considering the hell that was that semester, i think it’s understandable. Not that there aren’t people i like and respect who did Grassroots, it’s just....

[Oh, and i can’t make it to the Monday night SGA debate thingy, so someone go and tell me about it.]

“I chanced to meet him on Magdalen Bridge, as he was driving into Oxford, last term”
-Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen)

Yes, i squeed because i have been over that bridge. *hearts Oxford*

I finally figured out why my computer keeps freaking out, because a pop-up message informed me that i am very low on harddrive space. Sunday night when i was actually working on a paper. Why did it have to just be cranky all weekend when i was already procrastinating and could have gone through and poked around and deleted stuff and been doing productive procrastinating? (Okay, i did work on a ficathon, but it’s one that isn’t due until the 28th.)

National Library Week is April 18-24 this year. (Through that thread i also found the not necessarily worksafe sexylibrarians, which has lots of nifty sites on its userinfo. *restrains self from playing around with iconizing*)

"Happy Undead Carpenter Day, brought to you by Constantine and the Holy Roman Empire. (I would have given the name of the council and edict that arranged how to figure out the day for Easter, but I have forgotten it- proof I should go study my arse off for my middle ages final.)"

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