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Angel 5.17, "Underneath"

“I’m listening. With beer.”

Angel is a bitch to Gunn, only not. The “because you’re a good guy” twist to the “it will haunt you and it should” was so sweet.

Anvilicious with the layers and the underneath. Later it occurred to me to be reminded of early S7 BtVS with “From beneath you it devours” (which ended up rather anticlimactic, incidentally).

Spike: “Well, there’s the fire hell, and the ice hell....”
Tell me i wasn’t the only one thinking of this.

Was i the only person who expected Lindsey to wake up next to Darla when we saw he was waking up next to a blonde woman?

Suburban hell was a whole lot of things, particularly The Matrix, and i started calling that well before the bullet time of course. It was also, of course, the Jasmine arc. Edit: fox1013 says Camazotz!

The pile of hearts made me think of the Prometheus myth.

Shrimp!World (I always think of Triangle, but it’s actually first in Superstar. Oops.)

Superstar (4.17):
Buffy: But someone could wish the whole world to be different right? That's possible?
Anya: Sure, alternate realities. You could uh, could have like a world without shrimp. Or with, you know, nothing but shrimp. You could even make like a freaky world where Jonathan's some kind of not perfect mouth breather if that's what's blowing up your skirt these days. Just don't ask me to live there! Now if I, uh, could just have book back you could be on your way someplace else?


Buffy: But that's just it. I'm not entirely sure that we can trust our memories. Anya tell them about the alternate universes.
Anya: Oh ok. Umm. Say you really like shrimp a lot. Or we could say you don't like shrimp at all.
(Giles nods but keeps eating.)
Anya: Blah I wish there weren't any shrimp you would say to yourself.
Buffy: Stop you're saying it wrong! I think that Jonathan may be doing something so that he's manipulating the world and we're all like his pawns.
Anya: Or prawns.
(Buffy stares at Anya.)
Buffy: Stop with the shrimp I am trying to do something here!
Willow: It's hard to be precise, though. Alternate universes don't stay put. Trying to send him to a specific place is sort of like ... like ... trying to hit a ... puppy, by throwing a live bee at it. (They all look at her) Which is a weird image, and you should all just forget it.
Anya: It's possible that he's in the land of perpetual Wednesday ... or the crazy melty land ... or, you know, the world without shrimp.
Tara: There's a world without shrimp? (Willow looks at her) I'm allergic.

“reek of humanity”

In Surprise (2.13) the Judge tells Spike and Dru: “You two stink of humanity. You share affection and jealousy.”

Enjoyed the Wes/Illyria interaction. My fic got rather Jossed, but that’s okay.

jacklemmon on Illyria’s dialogue: “It's like Dru, but less crazy and with more wisdom and authority.”

Had to "ew" when Lindsey was slumped on Eve in the chair like he was actually in love with her or something. Also, when Lindsey told Angel he knew as much as he did, was i the only one who was expecting it to turn out that Eve had lied like a beady rat snake just so she could get her boytoy back?

Lindsey re: the Apocalypse: “You’re soaking in it.” (And my father adds: “And, indeed, in the reference, the customers didn't realize they were soaking in it. After all, dish detergents mess up your hands, not help them beautify.”)

“It’s right here.”
“Yeah, hell is on earth. Holland Manners tried to sell me that in an elevator a few years back.”

I get that heroes don’t settle, but heroes don’t have to deal with the mundanity of daily life. I honestly believe that you can get more done by working within the system because you have so many resources. Okay, so certain things *have* to be done outside of the system, and there are problems inherent in the fact that you are helping to perpetuate the system, but... gah. I can see this being done well, moving out of W&H and being Angel’s Avengers on their own. (I squeed when Gunn showed up in his hoodie and stuff, all street again.) But i didn’t agree with the Junior Watchers’ Council that Angel&co. are now teh evil, and i’m upset that Joss seems to be saying JWC was right. But we shall see how it plays out.

Creepiest moment? When Lindsey says they can only undo you as much as you think you deserve to be undone and wonders about Gunn. The poor boy.

(Rather a lot to take in this episode, and i know i left out a lot of stuff. *shrugs*)

Clearly the writers have been big continuity whores this episode, and it looks like Joss is roping in every guest star he can manage, which also makes me happy.

susiebabylon, i’ll make the icon once wisteria_ has caps up, just remind me what it is you wanted it to say.

The show interrupted our discussion of what fic i won’t write, so i’ll sum up ‘cause i’m a dork. Basically, if a couple is canon i’m likely not interested in writing it. There are also various characters who just don’t interest me enough to write, and there are pairings i either don’t particularly buy or am just not particularly interested in. Stuff i won’t write ‘cause it squicks me? Not very much of that at all. And i’ll write most anything if requested (and of course if it’s prohibited i’ll wanna write it *wicked grin*).

P.S. Where is lilithchilde? What, have you been doing work or something? ;)

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