Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Gorgeous weather this weekend.

Saturday brunch was in the gym. Elaine and i went down together and then ate on Tyler(?) lawn before i headed off to Boston.

Holla Marathon weekend. "Is this the Red Line?" "Does this go to Park Street?" "Does this go to South Station?" I got to helpfully point a couple to where they would pick up the C at Park Street.

Found my way to Layna's house no problem. Her doorbell doesn't work, so i just hung out on the porch until she came down to check for me. (I had told her approximately when i expected to arrive.)

Party attendees consisted of the Pereira-clan-minus-one and the Slavkovsky-clan-minus-one, so while i like aliciak in her own right, i was also pleased to longer be the only person present not related to anyone.

Layna's younger brother makes mine look good, but generally it was a good night. I watched one of the 2 preliminary rounds of a Scrabble tournament and now feel capable of playing Scrabble myself (clearly i am a deprived child as i have never played Scrabble). There was much conversational fun using the words on the board, especially when Liz made a high score adding "suave" to "move."

Much catching up, both about Smith and SHS (a portly Greek Nazi who now works for the CIA? i feel like that's the stuff of novels), and it was amusing that Liz, asking about Smith, said "What are they protesting now?" and i had a ready answer.

There was consensus that a shared desire to not have large doses of small children does not constitute a good reason for me to marry Anthony. Damn, that's two people i'm prohibited from ;)

lilithchilde's hott picture, copies of which still remain on Layna's wall and mine, was also admired by Yuko (another terrific non-related person who showed up later) who wanted her own copy. You should start charging, dear :)

Oh, and it's National Library Week (and TV-Turnoff Week), hence my new temporary default icon (made by missmurchison).

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