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"I will not be afraid of women..." ha! *cough*SmithCollege*cough*


Okay, women are underrepresented in government, and their voices should be heard. But i instinctively pull away from the idea that women are somehow inherently better and that if women ran the world everything would be peaches and sunshine.

"The book will be a collection of experiences and ideas from women about change we'd like to see in our world, our families, and our personal lives--from politics, education, and the environment to fashion, sex, and health."

Can't you get contributions from just thoughtful caring people about the ideas they have about how to make the world a better place? (Oh, and do any of these actually have plans for how to make these changes happen, or is it just "I want fluffy puppies; fluffy puppies would make the world a better place"?) Doing an "if women ruled the world" anthology implies that if women were in charge, somehow all these utopian things would just happen.

So i'm torn between not wanting to contribute because i don't want to be involved in such a project, don't want to contribute in any way to its coming to fruition, and wanting to contribute so *my* voice not just the expected ones gets to be represented.

Then i read this ("List of topics we still need"). Now okay, lots of these things are things that i would love to see happen, but they are not going to happen just because women rule the world. Yes some of them are related to the subject position women occupy under patriarchal hierarchy, but rah rah rah environmentalism? Yes, let's perpetuate the myth that women are somehow in tune with the earth and naturally all about the environment and family relations and that if we ran the world all those things would be held sacred. Okay, i need to stop, and go do actual work or something.

It's your fire, it's your soul, you shouldn't have to go.

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