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JoeyD341 (11:46:07 PM): how are you doing?
JoeyD341 (11:46:20 PM): I know this time of the semester can always seem bleak and so I offer my warmest wishes
I have been so unmotivated. My paper for Doug due tomorrow is still unfinished. My next batch of fics are gonna be mostly crap (though that’s largely due to bad pairing assignments) though i must thank Playboy for jumpstarting my muse See below ;) so my hetfic (due Saturday) is actually coming along well. Hello, 600 words in one afternoon. I have been keeping up with e-mail, though, so i don’t feel like a total slug, and i got my info from my internship supervisor so i can actually do my Praxis application. Also, Stacey loves me. I get to count money with her, including 2 hours on summer pay.

Damn, those are quality boobies. June 2004 Charisma Carpenter Playboy scans = not worksafe. (Smaller images here.) Also, that’s her body after having a baby? Damn. (Oh, and there is already iconization, which includes nudity.)

Shaved head James Marsters is nowhere near as attractive.

In my procrastination last weekend i was reading open_on_sunday for the first time in months, possibly, and the theme was minor characters, and as always was quite impressed by some of the offerings. If you only read one, read this one.

Today’s Whedonverse obsessiveness thanks to open_on_sunday:
Concierge in Angel episode 2.2 "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" = Ronald Meeks. Think he’s related to Warren Meeks?
Edit: Oops, sarah_p points out that Warren's surname is MEERS. My bad.

I am jealous that avecvu gets to write papers on Buffyverse topics for college.

People who like (or don’t like) Ghost World should go comment here if they haven’t already.

Okay, so, real updatey stuff.

Tuesday Doug mentioned the deus ex machina at the end of Coriolanus and i remembered having seen that at the Old Vic in London last summer and knew that wasn’t in it, so i checked online later and sure enough i was right, so i e-mailed Doug and he said he had been mistaken (Right you are: I must've had my head -- well, the polite expression is "in the clouds.") and it was Cymbeline he had meant. “Good for you for catching that!” :)

In class he also mentioned Clueless as a quality adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, which made me happy :)

I have read some Louise Glück and found some of her stuff amazing while finding most of her stuff “eh.” (Allie points out this is my statement on most all literature. She is correct.) I had about the same reaction to the poetry reading, as expected. I look forward to reading Averno (her new book, from which she read, and which isn’t even listed on Amazon yet) though. For the 4 Persephone poems if nothing else, but there was other quality stuff she read. I think I would like to immerse myself in her work because i think there is potentially a lot to be gotten out of it. Last time we had a poet laureate give a reading, we packed JMG, but they were dedicating Wright Hall Leo Weinstein Auditorium, so that’s where it was this time. I got to lounge in the new Poetry Center room with the pretty furniture because the auditorium was full by the time i got there. Pretty candles and stuff out on the deck for the fancy reception afterward, though i ate and ran ‘cause it was cold, which was kinda sad ‘cause lots of people i knew were there.

Do i get to make you dead with jealousy? October 26 Seamus Heaney will be giving a reading at Smith.

Had lunch with feminist_poet on Wednesday. Why did it take so long for me to find out that she works at Smith? Lunch was crap, but apparently she was sufficiently fed. “I can’t finish. Defeated by my salad.” Luff that HP-Liz totally closed the door on her ‘cause hello, she definitely doesn’t live in the house. Yay security.

Student workers get included in Staff Appreciation Day? Good deal. Bill was looking at the Armadillo Droppings box and noted that one of the ingredients is “butter fat.” “Hey, they don’t mess around,” i said. “None of this margarine crap.” He said yeah, butter is actually better than margarine, none of that hydrogenated oil. I said my father won’t let margarine into our house and can actually taste the difference between baked goods made with butter and with margarine. Bill was impressed. “I like this man already, and I haven’t even met him.” Perhaps when the parental units pick me up to take me home we’ll stop by the museum to visit my people. :)

Apparently we are the one place to be air-conditioned, because of the artwork, so today was the second day this week i was cold at work.

Okay, dinnertime.

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