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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Talked to Emma for far too long last night. (Miss you already, dearheart. Yay for Internet.) I have decided i am going to teach cultural studies.
One course on the Whedonverse. One course on fairytales. One course on Jesus movies.
Fanfiction should be its own department. Copyright law would be a requirement for the major. Courses would include:
-midrash and similar traditions in world religions
-representations of Jesus, Judas, and Mary (3 separate courses)
-the tradition of retelling/sequel/prequel in classical literature (sequels/prequels written by people other than the author of the original work)
-historical fiction
-adaptations of Greek mythology

No seriously, this is my plan right now. I would be hella excited to create syllabi for these courses, and there is always stuff to be written in this field, and i would actually be interested in writing stuff, so the whole publishing requirement for university tenure would be a non-issue. (The whole publishing thing is the stumbling block the size of Mount Everest keeping me from seriously considering teaching college.)

Also, listening to Emma talk, i can totally see myself getting sucked into X-Men fandom. Or maybe i’ll just listen to her tell me the stories :)

From Myth to Life: Images of Women from the Classical World
From the Celia and Walter Gilbert Collection
Smith College Museum of Art
March 12-October 10, 2004
Thought some of you would like to know if you didn’t already.

Speaking of, athene, do you wanna get together before i go back to Boston?

Oh, and heads up, SCMA’s gonna start charging admission in July or so. In case any of you townies wanna come visit for free before then.

hedy and lilithchilde, when do you wanna watch Mickey Mouse Monopoly? hedy, if you find your calendar by then i can swap you render (you’ll get the DVD whether or not i get the calendar, of course). lilithchilde: Godspell, Last Temptation of Christ, Judas movie, Willa? Any interest in joint viewings of any of these before i leave the Valley?

azdback, you wanted me to watch What Lies Beneath with you?

Also, i have a Cinemark gift card from Christmas, so does someone wanna go see something with me?

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