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So, i went to see Van Helsing with azdback. Would have been best to see it with bella_loki, but so it goes.

Was much better than i expected.

I liked how they worked in all the monsters. Was rather wary when i saw that in the previews.

Mr. Hyde reminded me of Andre the Giant/Shrek.

Much though i dislike the idea that every action movie has to have a romantic subplot, i heartily improved of hot girl as reason for Van Helsing to continue doing something he had very believably gotten damn sick of.

What’s up with silver stakes? Werewolves are silver bullets; vampires are wooden stakes. Cool idea with the holy water doused stakes, though.

Also, what’s up with the ripping the flesh off as part of werewolf transformation? It got less and less as the film went on, which made me feel rather like why bother inserting it to begin with. Angela Carter’s movie of The Company of Wolves had the same thing.

Also, i dislike the whole “You’re only a werewolf when you can *see* the moon” thing, though i suppose it acts in tandem with vampires being able to be out so long as the sun is hidden.

Gotta love that despite having been a fighter all her life, the heroine still wears a corset and noisy boots, and has long hair. *rolls eyes*

I liked the whole “we vampires only eat kill as much as we need,” and then the movie smartly undercutting that with the spawn, since clearly we can’t actually side with the vampires.

Similarly, the Vatican seems to be mostly in the right, but they want The Creature dead as well, so clearly they aren’t all good. (Though one has to wonder if pragmatically one wouldn’t be on their side were this “real life,” but then i’m a cold-hearted bitch donchknow.)

I liked the map/mirror/door thing. And it turning into ice when they went through, explained that weird ice coffin thing that so confused me at the beginning.

I kinda wanna rewatch it to take better note of the explanations of Dracula’s story and all that, particularly to fanwank Gabriel’s story. Felt rather foolish that i didn’t catch onto the meaning when Dracula first named him. I mean dude, i read The Satanic Verses. Since at the beginning we segued from The Creature and Dr. Frankenstein to Van Helsing, i at first expected him to be one of them, but he obviously wasn’t, so i was rather at a loss as to what his history with Dracula could be.

Unlike bella_loki, i wasn’t expecting this to be a prequel to Dracula. I wasn’t really entire sure what the focus of the movie would be having seen the previews, but once the focus of the movie clearly became Dracula, i knew it would have to end with the defeat of Dracula, which i was okay with. I mean, how do you get a satisfying ending otherwise? And who’s gonna make a movie that’s a prologue to someone else’s movie? And i wasn’t particularly interested in this being “Van Helsing gets the secrets necessary to kill Dracula” and then having a sequel wherein we have 2 hours of him actually fighting Dracula. Early on in the movie i decided the moviemakers were just riffing off of the Dracula story, weren’t concerned with it fitting into the actual storyline, and the fact that that particular canon blurs for me made me not twitch (a rare occurrence).

Anna: “I think if you’re going to kill someone, you should just kill them and not stand around talking about it.”

I was expecting Van Helsing and Anna to get their happily ever after, so i was surprised that Anna died, though it made sense because now she and her family are all together and at peace and so on. Life is filled with tragedy, so i’m always a touch pleased in a sick sort of way when movies don’t end happily ever after.

Lastly, wow, there is fic already. And femslash to boot. Clearly i’m falling down on the job ‘cause it didn’t occur to me to slash anyone except Van Helsing/Carl in that movie.
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