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WASHINGTON, May 2 — David Brock, the former right-wing journalist turned liberal, describes himself as once having been a rather large cog in the machinery of the conservative media.

Now Mr. Brock is starting a new endeavor built to combat the very sector of journalism that spawned him, with support from the same sorts of people (Democrats) about whom he once wrote so critically.

With more than $2 million in donations from wealthy liberals, Mr. Brock will start a new Internet site this week that he says will monitor the conservative media and correct erroneous assertions in real time.

"New Internet Site Turns Critical Eyes and Ears to the Right" by Jim Rutenberg (NYTimes, May 3, 2004)
I didn’t hang on to the link, but one blogger joked that clearly The Right Wing Conspiracy that bought off the blogosphere got a much better deal. I mean really now, bloggers have been critiquing the Left for years now, “monitor[ing] the [liberal] media and correct erroneous assertions in real time.” *sighs* Insert bitchy parallel about The Left throwing money at problems here.

In "Welcome To The Post-Bias Media," Edward B. Driscoll, Jr. says:
Brock told the Times that he hopes that Media Matters will replicate the success of the Media Research Center, which for almost 17 years has documented the leftward tilt of the media. But as James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal wrote on Monday, "See the problem here? Brock's new shop is devoted to faulting conservative opinion journalists for expressing conservative opinions. What the Media Research Center does is entirely different; it analyzes liberal bias in the news media, which are supposed to be objective."

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