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Angel 5.21, "Power Play"

I missed the beginning because the cable connection was being wonky, but my parents taped the episode

Wow, Grey "I'm with the senator now" Angel is scarier than any other incarnation of Angel.

Clearly the Ministers of Grace (a phrase from the All Things Philosophical board i think, [Okay, dherblay tells me it was from Television Without Pity, which was my second guess] to refer to Angel's crew -- "Angels and ministers of grace defend us" from Hamlet) are a touch slow as we obviously all called earlier than they did the possibility that he's infiltrating the inner sanctum of the baddest of the bad powerful players in order to bring them down. I mean, wasn't that what taking over Wolfram and Hart was about to begin with? Loved the moment when the guy says everyone's here and Angel slowly looks around, because at that moment even if you had been terribly slow earlier, you knew he was memorizing each and every one of them so that he would know whom to go after.

I'm coldhearted bitch end-justifies-the-means girl, but even i was chilled by the whole ruining a man's reputation so Senator Bitch can win. (No, Joss doesn't have politics, not at all.) But ultimately, i support what Angel's doing. Because you have to have power to make real difference. And he clearly does still care (hello sending Nina and co. out of the country -- on Joss shows the dogooders always care about the individuals even in the face of massive whatever so long as they have a personal involvement with said individuals). Not that you can't make a difference working out of the Hyperion or whatever, of course.

I'll be interested to see what jennyo has to say since recently she wrote about superheroes working with the law and stuff.

Last week the continuity bitch was "Dru and Darla would so have let Angel and Spike fuck them concurrently," which i had no real opinion on. This week, though, when Spike said "Angel and I were never intimate -- well except for that once," i could have screamed.

I didn't stay for the promos for next week, since what's the point really. They're going to cram an entire endtimes battle into a single hour, though we feel safe in suspecting they won't (all) die since hello spinoff potential. And i trust it will be a kickass episode. And i don't really need the WB whackjob of a promo to entice me to watch or anything.

edit: scrollgirl makes the Samson parallel ("burning the house down while we're still in it") and comments on a couple things i had meant to mention but forgot once i got back to my room: How much does Hamilton know? "crystals... and fruit"

edit the second: Reading TBQ's entry (and apparently everyone's all "yay, they made Spike/Angel canon" while i'm here in the corner being all "they ruined the possibility of Spike/Angel as an ongoing occurrence being canon") it occurred to me that one of the things i really liked in this episode was the theme of choice. Yeah, they hammer it home at the end, but there's also stuff like Illyria going with Spike to fight the thingy ('cause she likes hitting things?) and then staying with Drogan ('cause she has nothing else to do?) and then playing video games ("crystals... and fruit" = new metaphor for the purpose of life) and then defending Drogan!

Would be interesting to do parallels with Angel's Epiphany.

"In the greater scheme or the big picture, nothing we do matters. There's no grand plan, no big win. ... If there is no great glorious end to all this, if - nothing we do matters, - then all that matters is what we do. 'cause that's all there is. What we do, now, today. ... Because, if there is no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness - is the greatest thing in the world."

Again, came on the heels of MorallyGrey!Angel, but that time it was a return to the helping damsels in distress in alleyways.

edit the third: stakebait says, of the ending: "And it resolves the tension I'd been worried about earlier in the season -- no you can't work within the system, but it wasn't wholly a mistake to come within the system, because only from there can you break it."

She also points points out yet another thing i had thought during the episode but forgotten once i got back to my room: When Angel says they're gonna take out every single one of the members of the Black Thorn, you know he means every. single. one. of them, himself included.

edit the fourth: I keep thinking of, and then forgetting to mention, Lindsey's farewell to Angel in "Dead End" (2.18):

"The key to Wolfram and Hart: don't let them make you play their game. - You gotta make them play yours."

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